Urbasm Gift Guide – What Us Guys Want for the Holidays


This holiday season Urbasm opens its doors to our women friends, inviting you to take advantage of the five tips of what us guys really want for the holidays


Tip 1: Surprise! Most Guys Don’t Exactly Appreciate a Surprise.

According to research at Stanford, the scientists have discovered what most practical guys have known all along. A typical guy enjoys (and prefers) receiving the gifts he asked for, more than that special surprise you cook up on your own.

Thoughtful gifts are great, but most guys have a few gifts in mind, and if you listen to us, you can probably figure out what most of them are. “My tool set is a piece of junk”, “Now that is a fantastic looking smartphone,” “I wish I owned a pair of driving shoes like that.” No matter how thoughtful a gift is, your guy will likely see the gifts they’ve hinted at wanting as more thoughtful and considerate than any surprise you have in store. Why make it any harder than it has to be?


Tip 2: Ask Before He Receives

It may seem lazy to ask a guy what he wants for the holidays, and then get him whatever he says. However, according to the research, this is the best way to go about getting the kind of gifts that anyone will truly appreciate.


Awkward-Family-Christmas-Photo-4Tip 3: Gifts Are Rarely Judged by Their Cover

It is common for women to assume a guy will appreciate an overly extravagant gift more than something useful he requested. But allow me to explain how a guy perceives such a gift. Tickets to the superbowl may sound fantastic, but he will not necessarily grade such a gift as being better than a tool set, especially if the tool set is what he asked for. Extravagance is rarely better than practicality to a guy—so if you want to succeed this holiday season, skip the flash.


Tip 4: Keep Expectations to a Minimum and then Over Deliver

Women love to announce their gifts months before a guy receives them. “I got you the greatest gift this year,” “ You are going to kiss my feet when you see what I’ve got for you.” These statements are bold, exciting… and no amount of gift giving goddesses will ever live up to what he’s expecting.

The best advice is to keep his expectations to a minimum and then over deliver. This will make your gift seem more magnificent than if you attempt to build it up too much. If you build a man a castle of gold, and give him small gold bricks as a hint every day for a year, by the time he receives your gift, he will have already built his own castle with the bricks you’d given him, and be bored with it.


Ugly-Christmas-Sweaters-7Tip 5: Men Prefer Functional Over Personal Keepsakes

Keepsakes can mean a lot to a woman, but unless they have an expressed purpose, most guys won’t exactly know what to do with them. Yes, a cherub holding a heart with a lamb dancing around his head is cute and may be a symbol of your love, but he already knew you loved him. Keep love sake tokens to a minimal, as our friends will never let us live them down once they spot them in our man cave.

Guys are real simple to please. We like neat gadgets with a purpose behind them. We like to look stylish, but it is always a bonus if the fashion statement also serves a purpose. Consider some of the wearable tech available today that meshes fashion with guy gear, which is the kind of gift you can almost never get wrong.


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