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Women We Love – Lisa Ramos

Lisa Ramos is one of the few women who could tease Kate Upton, and walk away with over 5 million nods of approval on YouTube. She is a simple girl from Queens, New York, who also happens to have some pretty big dreams. Dreams that include being one of America’s Top Models, and giving thousands […]

Morning Link Dump – Dude Stuff

That’s a great plan, Walter. That’s f*ckin’ ingenious, if I understand it correctly. It’s a Swiss f*ckin’ watch. — The Dude, Big Lebowski

Made You Laugh – 8 Best Jokes From Comedians

Do you know what researchers say is the most comical one-liner of all time? “Hello (whatever their name)” is the funniest joke in the world. This is because laughter is the result of our primitive brain attempting to bond with others as they greet us. This is also why comedy clubs work so well, because […]

The Art of Seduction – Interview With Zan Perrion

Zan Perrion is a romance artist. His technique comes from the core of what all women want, which is a confident and fun man. He does not preach any gimmicks to seduce women, as his natural gift is his appreciation and insight to their desires. In other words, a true player is not in the game […]

Halle Berry – The Uninterview

Clutching the Oscar for her performance in Monster’s Ball (2001), Hallie Berry holds the golden Razzie award in the air, triumphantly celebrating her achievement of Worst Actress of 2004 for her performance in Catwoman (2004). Oh my gosh… Thank you guys, thank you so much—I’ve got so many people to thank, because you don’t win […]

5 Lessons Every Guy Can Learn by Looking at a Photo of Himself at 21

[All photos have been embellished to protect the innocent and possibly goofy looking] On Facebook, a friend tagged a photo of us together on the night after our college graduation. It’s been over ten years. Not a significant amount of time but not exactly “just yesterday.” The photo served as a lesson. The lesson wasn’t […]

New York Penthouse Bachelor Pad

New York is a city of excess when it comes to penthouse suites. However, if you add the talents of designer, Jane Kim–the excess becomes a balance of organized opposites. Smooth walls welcome the chaos of old world industrial iron beams. Battered wood floors and tables find themselves revived by the coaxing of living animals […]

Three Things Every Guy Should Know About Bad Girls

Most gentlemen grow up with the ideal that a woman should be caring, loving, and sensitive, and that he was born to be her hero and protector. This can sometimes cloud his judgement towards the women who do not deserve this level of servitude. If you’re a guy who repeatedly finds himself dating women who […]

7 Celebrity Women We Love – Then And Now

  Every admirable woman in Hollywood was once just the cute pig-tailed girl next door. And speaking of that, these are seven of our favorite celebrity crushes–the way they were. Eva Mendez “I was an ugly duckling as a kid,” says Eva. “In junior high the other kids would say, You’ve got some chocolate on […]

Morning Link Dump – Bikini Season

A girl in a bikini is like having a loaded pistol on your coffee table — There’s nothing wrong with them, but it’s hard to stop thinking about it.” — Garrison Keillor