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Diesel ‘L-Ajuga’ Leather Bomber Jacket

A good bomber jacket is hard to find these days. Especially one with the classic styling of this Diesel ‘L-Ajuga’. This is one of those soft sheep skin leather jackets that women can’t seem to keep their hands off (too bad for you). It features ribbed zipped cuffs, zipper front, and front zip pockets to keep all […]

COTM: Jersey Lightning, Updated and Upgraded

If someone were to hand you a cocktail glass at a holiday party and tell you, “It’s Jersey Lightning”, would you react with skepticism? Understandably so. While it sounds like something Snooki would “accidentally” put in her son’s bottle, its apple and ginger notes makes for a delectable drink during the colder months. Guy friends will appreciate the class […]

Galaxy Grand 2 Makes its Grand Entrance

What’s so grand about Samsung’s new Galaxy Grand 2? Well, the screen size of course, which offers a generous 5.25-inch HD quality display (1280 x 720) with 16:9 ratio. Consider the Galaxy Grand 2 a midship device, which means it will offer some reasonable performance and accessories, including a quad-core 1.2GHz processor, 1.5GB RAM, 8GB storage […]

Diesel ‘Jhupp’ Jacket

“You need a ticket, sir?” asks the airline agent. ‘Jhupp,’ says the soft spoken man. “One passenger?” ‘Jhupp.’ “That’s a kickass jacket,” the agent nods his head in approval. “What is it?” ‘Jhupp,’ the man answers with a smirk. Military jackets are in this year, and what we particularly like about this one is its […]

The Walart is Pocket Candy for Your Ass

What if your wallet could become as much of an accessory to your style as a tie, cuff link, or watch? At $14.95 USD per wallet, we believe it can. “The Walart is water resistant, tear-resistant, stain resistant and idiot-proof,” says Walart. When you first receive yours, you may not realize how durable these actually […]

Diesel ‘Jaimee’ Quilted Jacket – The Half Puff Man

Jimi Hendrix once said that a full puff is grand, but sometimes a man just needs half a puff to get himself through the day. When it comes to stylish coats from Diesel, we kind of agree. This mid-weight Diesel jacket has a nice quilted appeal without being too overbearing with stuffing. It features a […]

Babe Tribute – High Heels

Happy Thanksgiving. In celebration of the day, and all those Pilgrims and Indians who ate at the same table, only to kill each other an hour later (okay, that may be a rumor), we spent the evening thinking of 62 things we were truly thankful for. In the end, it came down to 62 variations […]

Raymond Weil Tradition Collection Chronograph Watch

  Swiss Tradition is alive and well over at the eponymous and family-run Raymond Weil. This chronograph watch from Weil’s “Tradition” collection features styling cues like roman numerals and black calfskin band material for a more “timeless” look. The positives of the collection is that it’s a good investment due to its classical stylings. The one drawback is that […]

Cabelet Wearable Tech iPhone Charger

We at Urbasm are big fans of wearable tech, like this cabelet from Kyte&Key. It looks like a fashionable leather bracelet by day, and in the evening when your iphone5 is dragging, it becomes a powerful ‘capped’ crusader. You see, this is no ordinary bracelet, but a charging/data cable that can transfer data faster than […]

Can Kinesiology Tape Improve Your Performance?

Kinesiology tape has recently found itself in the spotlight. This is due to the NBA’s decision to first ban the tape’s use on the court, and then a retraction of that decision, based on the fact that it may actually provide benefit to the players. The question is, can kinesiology tape really provide benefit to you? […]