5 Must-Have Items for a Home Music Studio

Whether you’re a vocalist or even part of a band, the next big step to taking your music to the next level is investing in a music studio. While some people rent out studios, it’s more convenient to have one right in your home. If you’re serious about your music, playing in the garage just […]

Inside Story Behind the Chuck Norris Music Video by Laura Michelle

Chuck Norris has a hot new video on YouTube. And no, it does not star Bruce Lee or Donald Trump… but rather, singer-songwriter Laura Michelle. Laura does a brilliant job of reenacting her life’s story in just under 4-minutes in this new music video that guest stars Chuck Norris, a pink toilet and a burning […]

Being Salvador Santana – His Music, Superpowers and Best Advice

We’ve often wondered what it would be like to play the keyboard, publish many albums, win a Grammy, shoot the breeze with Herbie Hancock and jam with your father who’s a Rock and Roll Hall of Famer. It must be good to be Salvador Santana – but we didn’t know just how good. So we […]

Singer/Songwriter Heather Bright On Taking Risks, Healing People and Geeking Out

With a popular debut single “Runaway” featuring 3LAU and debut album due out in early 2016, singer/songwriter Heather Bright is well on her way to stardom. We had a chance to catch up with Heather recently and talk about taking risks, healing people through music and geeking out. Not only is Heather one of the […]

Vinny Turns Your Vinyl Records Into Living Art

Vinyl records are like artwork in more ways than one… And while not everyone recognizes this, Vinny certainly does. Who’s this Vinny character, anyway? Well, he’s a bit of a traditionalist. He prefers his music smooth, his Gin Portland 33, and evenings off. He has no desire to keep his record collection in a box […]

J Sutta On Her Favorite Girl Crushes, Film and New Single, Damn!

Her upcoming album is Feline Resurrection, her new single is “Damn! (I Wish I Were Your Lover)” and she goes by the name J Sutta… not Pussycat. And now that we’ve got that out of the way, we’re about to get a little more up close and personal with one of our favorite performing artists […]

A Message of Peace For the Holiday

This holiday season we are being given the chance to bring peace to the world, but as recent events would suggest – our efforts may be falling on deaf ears. If only we could find some kind of common language, perhaps our tribe mentality could be broken down. Perhaps this final act was meant to […]

Sophie Simmons On Sex, Style and Influence

Being the daughter of the famous KISS frontman, Gene Simmons, and actress, Shannon Tweed is only a very small part of the bold, beautiful and intoxicating personality of Sophie Simmons. She is currently taking a stand for body shaming, has a new single, a film and is a hot topic for everyone, including ET Online […]

DJ Ravidrums Shares His New Holiday Video and the Top 10 Clubs Every Man Should Experience

When life hands most drummers lemons, one decided to recreate himself into a high-energy Mango Lassi. Meet Dj Ravidrums, the one man band, DJ extraordinaire and mind behind the amazing NASA-designed Dream Screen 2000. Dj Ravidrums has a new holiday video spectacular out today that he’d like to share with you… so we decided to […]

Soul&B Artist, Noel Gourdin, Tells Us How to Be a Man

Soul and R&B singer Noel Gourdin (Gor-Deen) emerged on the music scene with his number one hit song “The River” which also appeared on his debut album, “After My Time”. His music has appeared in such films as The Cookout and Welcome Home, Roscoe Jenkins and he is currently busy promoting his third project entitled “City […]