Lizzy Small on Making Movies, Music and Working with George Lopez

It is no easy task to have been in show business for your entire life, as has been the case for the talented actress and musician, Elizabeth “Lizzy” Small. However, all that work has been paying off, as she has just finished co-starring in a role for the film, Spare Parts, starring George Lopez, Marisa […]

Mini Metal Jam Rocks

A couple of guys from Pasquale Custom Guitars get their hands on some musical instruments meant for 3-year-olds, and the first thing that comes to their mind is a brutal mashup of Slayer.

2014 Most Popular Songs Rolled Into One

What better way to wind up the year than a musical mashup. It’s the new mixed tape. This is by DJ Earworm titled ‘Do What You Wanna Do’. A few of the artists include Katy Perry, Pharrell Williams, Bastille, John Legend, Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, A Great Big World, Christina Aguilera, Lorde, Maroon 5, One Direction, Ke$ha, […]

Jookbox – Allows Everyone to be the DJ

A socially curated party play mix used to consist of people hauling their giant CD books around to parties. And then MP3’s came into play and made the process a bit more convenient (at least for the biceps). Today, we are about to introduce you to the next realm of social party play, called the […]

Infamous Chad Smith Vs Will Ferrell Drum-Off

It has recently come to the media’s attention that Chad Smith of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and actor/comedian Will Ferrell look a lot like each other. So, to settle who should have the right to keep that look, they had a drum-off held on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. What took place after […]

The Lowdown of Hiring Your Favorite Band

With the help of Priceonomics, who teamed up with an anonymous source at Degy Entertainment, we now know the going rates for a private showing of your favorite band. There are a couple of surprises in here, but if Justin Bieber is worth $1 mil+, then my bath singing is worth at least $500,000. Get the lowdown below: $100,000 […]

Happy Around The World

Pharrell has built a world following from his “Happy” song, and there is no denying its power to capture just about anyone’s inner mojo. So, no matter where you are right now (work, dentist, in line at the DMV), grab you some happy and celebrate along with these 40+ countries:  Paris, France Seoul, South Korea […]

Mash Machine Makes Anyone Into a Musician

Mash Machine is a revolution in making music. It begins with an unconventional electronic canvas, several colored blocks, and the simple desire to create without limitation. THE MASH MACHINE is a step-change in music entertainment where music becomes tangible. Everyone, regardless of age, ability or location, can enjoy and interact with it as never before. Players […]

The Cultural Epidemic of Hip Hop

Hip hop music started as early as the 70’s in New York City. Back in the day, block parties had DJ’s which played popular music, especially funk and soul at the time. The DJ’s would live mix songs with two turntables and isolate short percussive breaks. The second turntable allowed them to extend those breaks. […]

7 Best Damn Headphones You’ll Ever Own!

You don’t have to be an audiophile to appreciate the sound quality of a really great pair of headphones. It’s like you have been living in a tunnel your whole life the minute you plug in a pair of Sennheiser HD800’s. The world becomes still; your ear hairs begin to dance, and each instrument takes […]