Prima Pack – Ultimate Modular Backpack for Urban Dwellers

When a man travels the urban landscape, he needs stuff – paperwork, laptop, thermos, lunch, change of clothes, a pair of gym shoes and a handful of tech are just a few of the essentials. The problem is: the typical urban backpack is usually not up to the task. With two pockets, two zippers, and […]

The Voyager Weekender Bag – Wearable Tech for Your Gear

Why should man have all the fun during a weekend excursion? The Voyager would agree with this statement, offering classy, comfortable protection for up to five days of your favorite gear, clothes, shoes and grooming supplies, including a tech dopp kit that is built into the bag. Its tech dopp will organize and safeguard your […]

Piscifun Man Bag for All Your EDC

You know what my biggest problem is with EDC (every day carry)? Where are you suppose to keep all this stuff during your daily adventures. I mean, you’ve probably got a lot of gear to carry, including your phone, tablet, hat, gloves, wallet, sunglasses, survival knife, etc. And if you’re only working with a couple […]

The Ural Burn Bag – For the Man Who Travels Like a Man

And just how is a man supposed to travel, you ask? Like he means it, Ural Motorcycles might answer. The problem with most bag manufacturers is that they design bags like you’re only going to be prancing around on the runway with them. They don’t consider that an airline is probably going to drop kick […]

Have Herschel Gear – Will Travel

Herschel gear is durable, practical, stylish, functional, manly and even a bit innovative. Whether your plans are to tackle the Las Vegas Strip over a weekend or a serious motor bike trip through South America, Hershel has the kind of gear that won’t let you down. Such as… The Nelson The Nelson Backpack is a time-honored […]

World’s Largest Messenger Bag – From Timbuk2 to You

Last April 1, our friends at Timbuk2 teamed up with Anchor Brewing to offer a Dehydration Pack capable of hauling any full size keg to and fro to all your favorite drinking holes. That was pretty neat, but this year they’ve really outdone themselves. Today they are offering a ‘full size’ XXXXXXXL Bag capable of hauling… […]

Timbuk2 Prospect Laptop Backpack – A New Take on Tradition

When I need a new man bag, the events that get me from A to B usually entail lots of online window shopping. Then once I find a style I like, I make sure it has the right dimensions, features, and storage requirements. By the time I find something close to what I want, I […]

Timbuk2 Proof Messenger Review – The Last Bag Standing

In the messenger/laptop bag market it is easy to be persuaded by fancy graphics, colors, secret pockets, and material options that you can’t spell, much less pronounce. I know, because I have been persuaded by these low lying fruit for the past 15 years. I was first introduced to the Timbuk2 Proof Messenger bag this […]

Keg Backpack by Timbuk2 and Anchor Brewing – Why Stay Thirsty?

It may be April Fools. However, getting a keg of beer from point A to point B is no joking matter. After all, what good is a keg of Anchor Steam, when you’ve no way to get it where you planned on drinking it? Timbuk2 and Anchor Brewing have teamed up and come up with […]

Man’s Travel Roundup

The man on the go has several things to consider before he sets off on a trip (be it business or pleasure). We’re talking about such common concerns as, which luggage to bring, how to entertain himself while waiting for the plane, and whether or not his luggage is even going to be along for […]