Storytime – The Best Dad Advice We Ever Received

We could practically write a book on all the great advice we received from dad. And then we thought to ourselves… yeah, now that’s a great idea: Avoid those that belittle any ambitions you have; small people tend to do that. It’s the truly great that help make you believe that you have the potential […]

Top 4 Traits Women Look for in a Man

Women love a man who exudes a distinctly masculine energy. It shows in your appearance and even your intellect, and for ultra-masculine types, it’s a part of a man’s very essence. But what kinds of things can you do to highlight your masculinity and appeal to women more?   1. The Look You can do […]

How to Be a Lucky Type of Guy

Some guys may have all the luck, but it is not the magical power that some people like to think it is. You want to know the true secret to being lucky? It is playing the numbers game at full throttle. According to research, the biggest difference between men who are lucky and those who […]

Survivorman Les Stroud On Being a Man

What’s on Les Stroud’s bucket list? Yeah, we were a little curious too. But what we really were interested to find out is what’s on his ‘man card’ for the coming year? Growing a more epic beard, rescuing kittens, building a log cabin with his bare hands—Nope, all mere child’s play compared to the real […]

How to Be a Man – And Invest Your Own Money

There are a lot of investment strategies today that claim they can make just about anyone into a multi-millionaire. While some of these are at least partially truth based, many are basically scams. The sad truth of many investment theories is that the teachers of these programs are merely failed investors themselves who have only […]

Grooms Survival Guide – 3 Tips for Budgeting Your Wedding

There is no escaping it. At some point during your stroll down towards matrimonial bliss the subject of money is going to come up. How much should you spend on the cake? How much on the entertainment, and how much for the honeymoon? Every individual will have their own opinion, and in most relationships, never […]

Grooms Survival Guide – Pre-Wedding Responsibilities

Wouldn’t it be easy if a man could just split the list of things to do with his bride to be right down the middle? But he can’t, and I’ll tell you why. There are so many things that need done, and your bride will want to have a hand in all of them. Unfortunately, […]

Man IQ Test

A real man should not be required to calculate arithmetic, name all 50 states, or recite the alphabet to proclaim his value to the world. In fact, I think that a man’s IQ should reflect his common sense and overall chance to survive without a smartphone, Google, and multi-language instruction manual. 1.) If you’re at […]

19 Signs Your Boss is a Psychopath

The reality of being a psychopath is that you are usually very proficient at getting the job done. This is probably why studies suggest that 3.9 percent of high ranking corporate professionals are psycho, which is a steep curve above what you’d find among the general population. What we can conclude from this–is being a […]

What Makes You A Man?

What legacy should a man want to leave behind for others to remember him by? Is a man supposed to aspire to be a gentleman or is it more important for him to be successful? Is is more honorable to be seen as a man who is lonely and proud, or loved and vulnerable? Can a […]