Babe Tribute – Handbras

  Blessed is thou art hand bra, is none greater than thee? Enough with the intro, here’s the hand bras! You might also be interested in; The Hand Bra Gallery The Art of the Hand Bra Rise of the Hand Bra  

Babe Tribute – Lingerie part III

In the third installment of our tribute to lingerie, we try to continue keeping it classy.   Be sure to check our previous Lingerie tribute 1, Lingerie tribute 2

Babe Tribute – Lingerie part II

A continuation of our tribute to lingerie, man’s greatest weakness.

Babe Tribute – Lingerie

The art of seduction might include many weapons in a woman’s bag of tricks, with few wielding the magnificent powers of lingerie.

Babe Tribute – Catalina Otalvaro

Catalina Otalvaro has an unforgettable face, and assets to match. This Colombian sweetheart sure has us revved up.

Babe Tribute – Tamara Ecclestone

For some, Tamara Ecclestone needs no introduction. If you haven’t heard of her, she’s worth about $3 billion (no kidding) and kind of a mix between Kim Kardashian and Megan Fox.

Babe Tribute – Analu Campos

You might not recognize the name, but Analu Campos has the face and curves that are hard to forget. Since she models lingerie for a living, it’s no surprise she’s been on the cover of both the Italian & German version of Maxim magazine.

Babe Tribute – Valentina Kolesnikova

Valentina Kolesnikova might be better know as Miss Maxim Russia of 2010, and we hope to see more of this fine Eastern European import someday.

Babe Tribute – Jillian Welsh

After a random self-shot, Jillian Welsh became an internet sensation. Good call internet.

Babe Tribute – Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara makes your typical guy wonder want to visit Columbia to find what out what other treasures await.