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Women We Love – Mia Lopez

Some women have certain assets that are undeniably a show stopper, and Mia Lopez (aka Miss Genii or genesis) is a great example. This Brazilian beauty is a fitness model that has become popular for her curves and photos.

Women We Love – Rachel Cook

There’s something special about Rachel Cook, and we don’t need to explain. A petite model from Seattle, she has quickly become popular through social media and repped by the big agencies. Our crush of the moment, we think you’ll be seeing much more of Rachel Cook in future.

Women We Love – Natalia Velez

The beautiful Natalia Vélez is a sexy model from Ecuador that reminds us we really need to visit South America. She never intended to become a model and has training as a product engineer. The first time she went in front of a camera was for a friend of the family to film a commercial, […]

Women We Love – Kate Dros

The lovely Kate Dros is a beautiful blonde model that knows how to flaunt it. Done with style, she would make any gentleman proud to have her on his arm. While she’s appeared in a number of magazines, it was when she was in Sports Illustrated that her career started to take off. Kate Dros […]

Women We Love – Priyanka Chopra

She is one of the world’s highest-paid actresses and is also one of the most popular celebrities of our time. But we can’t take any of the credit for this beautiful woman, as Priyanka Chopra was born in Bihar India and was made into a star through the careful guidance of Bollywood and her own […]

The Roundup – What Every Man (Wants) Needs

Part of being a man is knowing what you want. But let’s face it, you already know what you want – women (with brains), cool gadgets, inspiration, comfort food, comfortable women (with great bodies), travel, an automobile that makes driving fun, an awesome garage to keep it in, and a gentleman’s cave to unwind. The […]

Tough Boots for Stylish Men

Can tough and stylish ever find common ground for a man in a modern world? Absolutely, and you’ll find such a partnership in brands such as Kith and Ugg. Moncler X by Kith Kith collaborated with Ronnie Fieg this holiday season and the results are these Moncler X Peak Boots. These bad boys feature tumbled […]

The Gift GUYde Volume IV (2017)

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! The Urbasm Holiday Gift GUYde is back with the best ideas for the 2017 holiday season: 1) Arbonne Men’s Gift Set – $122 The holidays can be one those times that end up being stressful enough you need a second vacation to cope with the first one.  […]

Women We Love – Open to Bare

  There’s nothing more inviting that a woman with legs open in your direction. Not only does it suggest she might be into you, when she spreads wide she might be into all kinds of things.     But wait, there’s even more.       More: Queen of the Underboob Women We Love – […]

Holiday Gift Guide – You Could Even Say It Glows

Guys, let’s face it, we don’t always get what we want for Christmas. So we propose you buy your girlfriend the gift you want. Trust us on this. She won’t use it, and you get what you wanted. Everyone wins. Just be sure to get her something she wants too, or you’ll be in the […]