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Car Vending Machines Become the Genie of the Modern World

It all began in the ancient temples of Egypt, where holy water was dispensed to its visitors. This was followed by tobacco dispensers in England around 1615. In the 1880s a convenient machine was placed in the public view in the city of London where one could purchase a postcard, notepaper, and envelopes anytime they […]

Women We Love – Sugar and Spice

And everything nice… and occasionally not so nice! What is a man’s attraction to a youthful, sweet, and innocent woman? Is it the opportunity to be the teacher rather than the student, or could it be the nostalgia of your youth rekindling some of those early hot desires? Perhaps it is the hope that innocence […]

Made To Order – Eat Like A Man

“Made to order” is food that is minimal on ingredients, tools, time (less than 20 minutes), and talent. But we’re thinking something a bit more complex than a grilled cheese sandwich, and a whole lot more delicious than a frozen pizza. Basically, it’s a formula for simple food to be combined in such a way […]

Women We Love – Michie Peachie

Sweet as a peach, miss Michie Peachie is a hot model we keep seeing more of, and glad that we do. There’s no doubt that Michie Peachie has a big career ahead of her as a swimsuit or fitness model, and we look forward to whatever the future has to offer.

Essential Advice for Men from Isaiah Mustafa

Old Spice was once just a brand name. A fragrance. A deodorant. A duty-free gift for dad for just about any occasion. And Isaiah Mustafa was once an ex-NFL football player. A struggling actor. A guy. Okay, a pretty cool guy, but an even cooler man emerged the day he hoped up on that horse […]

Pole Dancing – Artistic Expression Meets Sexy

The idea of pole dancing was started back in the 1920’s as a side act at the circus. This was an obvious choice, considering that every circus tent has the necessity to be held up – meaning that there was almost always some sort of pole in the middle of the center stage. Fast-forward 50 […]

Women We Love – Melissa Molinaro

Let us be your virtual wingman and introduce you to Melissa Molinaro, our latest crush. She’s a talented singer/actress from Canada that’s lived in the US since she was 13 and has appeared on a few reality tv shows.

Everything You Need to Know About Self-Defense

Did you know that a violent crime occurs every 25 seconds in the US? The world has become a dangerous place for men and women alike, with potential threats to your safety and the safety of those you hold dear lurking behind the next corner. In the modern world, self-defense is no longer an option, […]

Women We Love – Lyna Perez

No doubt you’ll have seen Lyna Perez before, she seems to be everywhere. She says that she ‘basically lives in a bikini’ and we’re sure she’s busy. Lyna Perez Is a bikini model that isn’t afraid to flaunt it, and it’s easy to see why. Never cry over spilt milk ? A post shared by […]

Women We Love – Lily May Mac

If you haven’t heard of Lily May Mac, we can no longer be friends. This petite beauty is the cutest, and we just fell in love. Popular on social, she’s part Filipina and just launched a beauty line of products recently. Now that you know who Lily May Mac is, your welcome.