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8 Hottest Instagram Accounts You Should Follow

We use to think that Instagram was boring. I mean, who wants to see the visual representation of the typical person’s daily life? Not us. And then we started following the lives of these women, and suddenly our perspective changed. And you’ll see why soon enough, starting with: Cindy Prado She is beautiful and funny […]

Tommy Bahama: St. Kitts Fragrance Keeps it Light and Beachy

Tommy Bahama is well known for its floral printed shirts, but none of the flowers made it to their new St. Kitts fragrance for men – which is probably for the best. The scent is beachy without having that overpowering Bath & Body Works candle smell to it. Other notes include mandarin, starfruit, cedarwood and fresh […]

Star Wars – Rebels Season 1 Review

It has been fourteen years since the Clone Wars ended and the Empire took hold of the galaxy. No one has seen nor heard from the Jedi since then. These once prominent and plentiful peacekeepers have passed into the stuff of legends and folk lore. As the series opens, the Empire is beginning to tighten […]

Living Essentials In A Cube – Shell Not Included

Whoever coined the phrase “living in a box” as a bad thing, certainly did not have the imagination of the designer who built the living space in these photos. Because the reality is – if you can have all the essentials you need in a neat, compact and organized cube… what more could you really […]

Adidas Stan Smith Designs a Subtle Fashion Sneaker

You know what stores are having an even more difficult time keeping on the shelves – other than Stan Smith’s crazy/colorful line of Adidas fashion sneakers? His more subtle offerings like these black/white Primeknit sneaks, which make all the statement you need with their modern silhouette, breathable and flexible knit/woven top layer, and cushy rubber sole. Something […]

Women We Love – Jeans and Denim Divas

Women spend a lot of time squeezing into their favorite pair of jeans. And once they get them on… us men just want to take them back off. But as they say – it is not the end to every journey that is the most memorable, but rather the anticipation and work in getting there. […]

One Remote for All Your Gadgets – The Logitech Harmony Elite

You own a lot of cool gadgets, including your television, electric window shades, game system, lights and thermostat… but wouldn’t it be great if you could run all these from one convenient and mantastic location? Logitech has recently unloaded their Harmony Elite Remote onto the market, and you now have at least 270,000 fewer reasons to get […]

Top 10 – Why We Love Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest is kinda like Christmas and Halloween rolled into one. The men get to dress up in their lederhosen and the women in their beer maiden outfits, and they both get to enjoy the gift of beer. But if I had to make a top 10 list of why I loved Oktoberfest the most… I’d start […]