Adidas Stan Smith Designs a Subtle Fashion Sneaker


You know what stores are having an even more difficult time keeping on the shelves – other than Stan Smith’s crazy/colorful line of Adidas fashion sneakers? His more subtle offerings like these black/white Primeknit sneaks, which make all the statement you need with their modern silhouette, breathable and flexible knit/woven top layer, and cushy rubber sole.

Something else to consider is that Fall can be a difficult season to dress, considering its finicky nature of both cold and hot days. You can always layer your body… but not really your feet. However, these knit sneakers will offer just enough warmth on the chilly days while opening up to breathe once the heat gets turned up. Stan Smith is always awesome – but we particularly like him when he’s toned down a notch.

Check them out here.

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