Bamford Rolex Milgauss Aftershock – Yeah, We’re A Little Shocked

No every guy is going to appreciate the artistic embellishments that have been added to this classic Milgauss watch by Rolex. However, if the original is known to be “instantly recognizable at a glance,” we suspect this version is going to be worth a lot of second and third glances. So, what happened to this […]

Timeless Classics

There are a handful of watches that will never go out of style. These are what we consider timeless classics, and it is a good thing they exist, as a quality watch is not something you want to purchase and enjoy for only one seasonal trend. If we were about to lay out a couple […]

Kairos – World’s First Mechanical Smart Watch Hybrid

We believe in technology, but we don’t like when it interferes with tradition, class, and style. The Kairos hybrid watch has melded the two into one ultimate watch that seems to make a lot of sense. First, it is a solid mechanical watch complete with a Swiss automatic movement, chronograph, 42-hour reserve, and a water […]

Hamilton Jazzmaster Seaview Fills the Gap Between Gentleman and Bad Ass

Hamilton says, “the Jazzmaster Seaview bridges the gap between the traditional look of the Jazzmaster collection and the rugged nature of the Khaki collection.” And if you’re not exactly sure of what all that means, let’s just say that they’ve designed one heck of a watch that fills the space somewhere between a gentleman and […]

Keeping Time With The JazzMaster

Many strangers pass in the night, but are never destined to meet. The Hamilton Jazzmaster faces this same destination by featuring a single rotating case housing two distinct (yet completely separate) Swiss dials. Each face has its own unique style and personality, giving you the opportunity to fit your mood and intention without having to […]

Barrington – An Affordable Watch Winder Without Compromise

Gentleman, gather around, as we are about to get a little personal with your time piece. So, when was the last time you spent some real quality time with it? You know, took some time to wine’d and dine it? The watch aficionado spends quite a bit of time with his watches. But you only […]

Grand Seiko Spring Drive – The Most Advanced Watch in the World

What makes a watch truly advanced? Is it the high caliber stainless steel that surrounds and protects it delicate mechanics? Is it the ability to stand out among the most magnificent watches in the world? Or is it the craftsmanship and microtechnology that results in a watch that is legible, accurate, comfortable, and incredibly reliable? […]

Vincero Italian Marble Face Watches

Men, you have a lot of options when it comes to what goes on your wrist. There are watches designed from wood, recycled classic cars, and gentleman’s tourbillion. So what’s next, premium Italian marble? Yup. Vincero had the premonition that most men should appreciate fine Italian marble on a watch. And based on looks alone, […]

Zenith El Primero Stratos Flyback Rainbow Chronograph Watch

Zenith has always designed beautiful watches, and when they want to, they can create beautiful re-editions too. Introducing the watch that stole our hearts back in 1997. It was originally produced for the French Air Force, because their pilots needed a watch that could withstand forces up to 11 G’s. The pilots also needed to […]

REC Watches Are Made From Recycled Automotive Icons

A man’s watch is more than just an extension to his style. It becomes an extension to his interests, hobbies, and philosophy on life. REC watches philosophy is to recycle old and sometimes forgotten automotive icons, so they can be reborn again into another form of man’s infatuation. “We call this concept Recover – Recycle […]