Y-3 Sneakers Burn Red for the 2015 Fall/Winter Season

The middle of summer is about the time to start thinking about your fall sneakers. And what we think about when we imagine crisp autumn evenings and cold winter nights is heat – and plenty of it. The kind of heat that burns steadily, ambitiously and red hot. This is something that Adidas designer, Yohji […]

6 Summer Shoes to Soothe a Man’s Fashionable Soul

A man’s summer shoes should be cool, comfortable, stylish, easy to care for and capable of taking him from the office to the boardwalk without any stops in between. Yeah, this may sound like a lot to ask from a single pair of shoes—but we’ve found you six that are positively up for the task. […]

5 Classic Men’s Shoes For Spring/Summer 2015

It can be such a drag to shop for shoes when you’re a guy. Well, allow us to add a little pep to your step with these five suggestions, based on the 2015 Spring trends from a few of our favorite designers.   Silent Damir Doma White canvas sneakers offer a nice casual look for Spring, […]

John Richmond Fashion Trainer Sneakers

We like John Richmond’s style, and his style must like us, since most of his accessories look pretty darn good on our person. And to let you in on a little secret; we’re fairly certain they will look good on you too. His style is a little bit rock and roll, with a touch of […]

Bacca Bucci Suede Grey Oxfords Complete Anything Blue or Denim

An oxford dress shoe can be called gray or grey, unless it is made by Bacca Bucci, handmade in Italy, and there is a really burly football player demanding you call it Suzy—and then we recommend just calling it Suzy. You can wear a lot of different shoes with Demin. However, few shoes will dress […]

Hugo Boss Attlio Mens Sneakers

If you’re not the kind of guy to pull off a suit with a white pair of fashion sneakers, Hugo Boss still makes a gentleman’s fashion sneaker that is classic enough to serve its purpose on either a boardroom carpet or on a tarmac running track. These sneakers offer a comfortable and breathable combination of […]

Saint Laurent Low-Top Sneakers

A pair of fashion sneakers can only do so much for your style, unless the sneakers behind the magic are by the iconic Parisian fashion house, known as Saint Laurent. These low top sneakers offer an upgraded slant to a classic design. The upper features contrasting red leather panels, a suede overlay around the toe, […]

New Balance M1500 Gentleman’s Sneakers

A gentleman picks himself up from a chair as a lady approaches. He offers a confident smile and firm handshake to seal a business deal. He takes giant leaps towards at least one goal every day, and he does this while wearing a classic pair of gentlemen’s sneakers. The New Balance M1500GMB Gentleman’s Pack is […]

The Moschino Fashion Sneaker is Full of Irony

There is rarely much irony in a pair of fashion sneakers. However, with the Moschino Velour/Vitello’s, you get the feeling that someone might actually expect you to believe these are just a pair of rubber-soled sport shoes. Don’t be fooled, as these sneakers feature a classy mix of leather and suede, combined with the subtle […]

Cole Haan Designs Zero Nonsense Dress Shoes With ZeroGrand

When it comes to style, the wise man would be wisest to maintain his look with the classics. This includes the accessories he chooses to place around his waist, wrist, and feet. However, if you prefer the comfort of a top of the line athletic sneaker, with the Cole Haan ZeroGrand you can have the […]