Adrienne Janic on Overhaulin’, the Audi R8 and the Gas Light Dating Test

If you haven’t been following the premier of Overhaulin’ this month, you may have missed a beautiful and familiar face—Adrienne Janic (a.k.a. “AJ”). She was invited back for the special 100th episode, which also featured the celebratory overhaul of a Dodge A“100” van. This got us thinking. We haven’t seen much of AJ for the […]

Lamborghini Asterion is Elegant and Tailored for a 970HP Hybrid Beast

Lamborghini has a tendency to properly warm-up their audience before unveiling a new chapter in their history books. This is most often accomplished by teaser photos of sexy curves, bright colors, macho banter, and the chorus of a 12-cylinder powerhouse. For the Asterion hybrid, Felippo Perini, the man behind the design simply says, “It’s not […]

The Ford GT is Back

And while it may not exactly be real (yet), it is certainly lovely. There have been some rumors surfacing over the past day, hinting that Ford may be redesigning a comeback for the GT. These rumors are assuming that Ford would want the next generation GT to be ready for 2016, which would be significant […]

Gentlemen Moto Lamps – for the Gearhead in Every Man

A ‘gearhead’ is not exactly a very gentlemanly term, but when it comes to a man’s fascination for anything on wheels, I think it’s okay to loosen our ties a bit. While the traditional automotive enthusiast will admire the lamp designs by Luc and Andre, Classified Moto has their own motorbike inspired lamps we’d like […]

Top 10 Supercars Built For Envy

A supercar should be extreme, advanced, amazing, and one of the fastest objects that has ever been placed on four wheels. Besides being just fast, I also think it is important that you are able to drive it whenever you want (street-legal), and we’re not talking about being pulled around by your chauffeur on a […]

The XE May Be a Poor Man’s Jaguar, But It has Expensive Potential

When is the last time you judged something purely by its cover? Well, if you’re guilty of that with the upcoming Jaguar XE, I would bet that you will find it a pretty good car. Allow me to rephrase that and say, a damn good car. The problem with the failure of the Jaguar X-Type […]

Old to New – America’s First 500bhp Classic EV Supercar

Without getting into specifics about the difference between the definition of a supercar and a ‘super’ car, I think we can all agree that Renovo Motors effort to build a 500 bhp electric car (EV) looks to be as successful on paper as it appears in photos. This EV is a two seater prototype, but […]

Saleen FourSixteen Becomes The First Electric Tuner Car

Saleen has decided to deck out a EV (Electric Vehicle) in full tuner clothing. What are they thinking? Well, they were probably thinking something like, cha-ching. And they were also likely considering what a grand opportunity it would be to get into the EV tuner market as it is just emerging—and the Tesla S is […]

Revved Up for Toyota FT-1 Graphite Concept

Concept cars are not always my cup of tea. They are often overdrawn, gaudy, and impractical conversation pieces that leave way too much for the imagination. However, this FT-1 Graphite Concept by Calty Design, looks like it could leap directly off my screen and into a Toyota manufacturing facility. In fact, I wouldn’t have a […]

5 Reasons Why the CLA Is The Most Successful Modern Benz

The Mercedes-Benz CLA has been on our wishlist for awhile now, which prompted us to ask the question–why? Is it the cars long heritage of skilled designers that has lead us to this pivotal moment in MB’s history? Is it its strong performance characteristics and practical fuel economy? These are the five biggest reasons why […]