The New 2016 Jaguar F-Type Gets Top Marks

Not only does it look like a sports car that might cost much more, the new Jaguar F-Type coupe holds its own in both styling and build with names like Aston Martin, Maserati, Porsche and similar. Decide between the 6-speed manual or 8-speed automatic, and combine the lightweight aluminum body with a decent power plant and you […]

Maserati Alfieri – They Will Build it; Here We Come

The Maserati Alfieri was just another exquisite concept design we thought might be left on the design cutting room floor. After all, it was beautiful, elegant, and graceful… but perhaps not practical enough for a world mesmerized by compact hybrids and monster SUVs. Come to think about it, it kind of reminds us of the […]

Revved Up for Jaguar

Look for the new Jaguar AWD F-Type R to turn heads soon. From 0-60 in just 3.9 seconds, we’re talking whiplash. The all wheel drive V8 will produce 550 HP, and comes with adaptive suspension, electronic active differential, 15-inch brakes and a whole lot of style. Get more info here.

The XE May Be a Poor Man’s Jaguar, But It has Expensive Potential

When is the last time you judged something purely by its cover? Well, if you’re guilty of that with the upcoming Jaguar XE, I would bet that you will find it a pretty good car. Allow me to rephrase that and say, a damn good car. The problem with the failure of the Jaguar X-Type […]

Jaguar F-Type Vs. Porsche 911

The jaguar F-type is a beast in gentleman’s clothing. However, how does it compare to the Porsche 911 Cabrio?

Revved Up for Jaguar F-Type

If there’s an auto manufacturer worthy of ‘most improved’, it would have to be Jaguar. Jaguar’s release of the new F-Type has us excited about convertibles again, something few cars have managed to do. This is one ride with serious style and attitude, from first glance to first drool, you’ll love every detail. While the […]