Maserati Alfieri – They Will Build it; Here We Come

Maserati Alfieri - 3

The Maserati Alfieri was just another exquisite concept design we thought might be left on the design cutting room floor. After all, it was beautiful, elegant, and graceful… but perhaps not practical enough for a world mesmerized by compact hybrids and monster SUVs.

Come to think about it, it kind of reminds us of the modern Jaguar F-Type when it was but a glimmer in our eye. And I suppose that is why Maserati has decided to give the Alfieri the green production light. It will come in two flavors, a spirited V6 (400hp?) and a raspy V8 (500hp?). It will look approximately as good as the samples in the photos below, which means… we want.


Via Top Gear