10 Ways to Become a Better Man Today

The road to becoming a great man is a long one filled with dense fog, deep forests, steep rocky inclines, and… well, nothing but an unmarked map. It figures, because every time a man could really use a detailed map, he never has it with him.

Map or not, the effort to improve is always a worthy effort. But a great man does not need to wait for the really big breaks to shine. As a matter of fact, today we’re going to share with you ten ways that you can become better right now. But we have already used up 30 of those seconds, so we promise to make the next 30 really count.

1. Hint: You’re Doing this Now (Reading/Learning/Living)

Les Stroud (a.k.a. Survivorman) told us once to never stop living. And what goes along with that advice is to never stop learning. Take time in your life to seek new adventures and find better ways to do things. One way is to read more. Another option is to create a bucket list of the things you would like to accomplish and then set to work making them happen. If you need a few tips to get started, we have a bucket list you can borrow.

2. Stretch Your Legs Today, and Everyday

Some guys think that you’ve got to go to some fancy gym to get real results. You’ve got to hire the best trainer, wear the right shoes, drink the right protein, and spend almost every free moment in the process. With this kind of thinking it is no wonder why the other guys don’t want to get started in a habit that could improve their life in almost every way. The truth is: All you need is about 30 minutes to achieve a strong healthy body. And you can probably schedule that right now, and you’ll be glad you did once you start to see and feel the results.

3. Live for Today, But Save Some for Tomorrow

It is never too late to find a healthy balance in saving money. You don’t want to hoard your life saving waiting for a day that you may never live to see, but you also don’t want to spend every dime like it was your last day on earth, because you might end up living a very long time. You probably already know that buying stuff will never make you happy, but making planned purchases that will aid you on an adventure – well, those can bring at least some happiness.

4. Be Thankful for What You Have Now

A man is not thankful for what he has near often enough. And what happens if you are not? You start to feel sorry for yourself. You get jealous and envious of other people. And everything that I have just mentioned is time wasted that you could be using towards other more worthy items on this list. If you consider the blessings in your life it will give you the confidence and motivation to be happy, continue living the best way you can, and improve on yourself a little more each day.

5. Ask Her Out, Today

You know the girl we’re talking about. You’ve been thinking about her for the past several weeks and you still haven’t done anything about it. We think right now is as good of a time as ever be to muster up the courage. And if you are already committed, this goes for you too. How long has it been since you’ve taken your girl out on a proper date night?

6. Hold Onto Her, Today and Forever

Do you know what the biggest reason is that women cheat on their man? It is not because they find someone more handsome, richer, ‘bigger’, or more fun. It is because they are dying for your attention. It will help if you see it from her own perspective. When you do not pay attention to your woman, she considers that a break in your contract. She needs to feel as if she is a part of your life in order to be happy, and by taking that away, you are not fulfilling her needs. Take time to give your full attention to your girl tonight, and she’ll be yours – and then it’ll be up to you to keep it that way.

7. Treat Everyone Like They’re the Most Important Person in the World

Do you want to know the secret to friendship, loyalty, and success? Treat everyone (even the people who can’t do anything for you) with respect, admiration, and kindness. It is a person of strong character who is kind to everyone. And becoming this person will make you feel good. It will make you feel so good, that it will improve your motivation and make every day just a little more productive than it would be otherwise. They say that good deeds have a way of being returned, but there is no mystery to it. Good people attract good things into their life.

8. Raid Your Closet

We don’t really know you but we’re fairly confident that you have some articles of clothing in your closet that could use a bonfire party. Skinny jeans, saggy pants, deep v-neck shirts, crocs, anything neon, and anything stained or filled with non-designer holes. Your clothing is an extension of your legacy, and you could likely bump up your score just by raiding your closet today and getting rid of the things that are dragging your character down.

9. Turn Today’s Passion into a Career

Pete Nelson of Treehouse Masters once told us that “your gift is that thing you know in your heart that you might be really good at.” And you will never find more success than doing the things you love (and are good at). And it is true that we can’t all be famous musicians, oscar-winning actors, and nobel-prize winning authors, but there is a gift that you are holding right now, and you may or may not be putting it to good use. There are jobs out there that pay an awful lot, but sometimes wealth can hold you back from realizing your potential if you lose sight of your passion. It may take some time to make happen, but deciding on this today could change your entire mindset in just a few seconds.

10. Take a Break (as Soon as You’re Finished Here)

One of the biggest mistakes of the modern man is to remain constantly busy, even when you tell yourself that you’re taking a break. No wonder why the modern man is so stressed out. We blame YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit. These are all great ways to entertain the mind, but they do nothing to rest it. Instead, try yoga, meditation, a power nap, or even just a short 15-minute walk.

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About Dr. Eric J. Leech

Eric has written for over a decade. Then one day he created Urbasm.com, a site for every guy.

About Dr. Eric J. Leech

Eric has written for over a decade. Then one day he created Urbasm.com, a site for every guy.