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See a Big Move in Your Future? Consider 4 of the Best Places

Looking for a better quality of life? New Job? Change of scenery? Whatever is motivating you to move, we’ve got you covered. We’ve sifted through numerous “best of” lists to bring you these four, which are great places to live for various reasons. Whether you’re making the move by your (independent) self or are setting […]

The Round Up – Hair Tips for Men

There are few accessories that have the flair, interpretation and expression of a man’s hair. It doesn’t matter if it’s on your back, head or face – If it’s there, it makes a statement, tells a story, and WILL leave an impression. So before you go making any hasty decisions about your hair, we suggest […]

VIPP Shelter – Designer Home in a Box

We’ve been big fans of the simplicity and elegance of shipping container homes for a long time. The only problem is finding the designer who can draft your vision, collect the materials and make it all come to life. But what if building your next home, cabin or office space was as easy as ordering a pair […]

How to Make Tea Manly

We get this question a lot. And up until now all we’ve been able to suggest was a mantastic beard, shot of unicorn tears and a beautiful woman serving it. But here’s another ideas for you: stainless steel. This Eva Solo Tea Bag is sleek, non-descript, functional, reusable and holds absolutely no resemblance to its forefather […]

Tech Features to Enhance Your Next Road Trip

Road trips are many things. They can be fun. They can be eye-opening. They can be a great way to get away. Some would even argue that road trips are one of the most quintessential modes of American travel. But one thing they’re usually not is comfortable. Think about it. You’re spending hours upon hours […]

Women We Love – Something About Her

Beauty entices us with security, excitement, happiness, and confidence. It is constantly changing, yet at the same time its basic premise will never change. It is neither harmful nor shallow, but rather essential for a man’s happiness. It is who a woman is, who we want her to be, and what we would do to […]

Being Salvador Santana – His Music, Superpowers and Best Advice

We’ve often wondered what it would be like to play the keyboard, publish many albums, win a Grammy, shoot the breeze with Herbie Hancock and jam with your father who’s a Rock and Roll Hall of Famer. It must be good to be Salvador Santana – but we didn’t know just how good. So we […]

Women We Love – Elisandra Tomacheski

Just how much could a group of men love, Elisandra Tomacheski? Oh, let us count the ways:

Babe Tribute – Sarah Shahi

How much do we love Sarah Shahi. you say? Well, let us count the ways:

Women We Love – Fit Foxes

She’s competitive and you’re okay with that. Because you’d rather be in second and let her win the race… all while enjoying the view. If you’re looking for more fit women we’ve got ya covered.