Tech Features to Enhance Your Next Road Trip

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Road trips are many things. They can be fun. They can be eye-opening. They can be a great way to get away. Some would even argue that road trips are one of the most quintessential modes of American travel. But one thing they’re usually not is comfortable.

Think about it. You’re spending hours upon hours in the car driving. You might break every few hours, but for the most part, you’re stuck in the same position as you travel to your next destination. But luxury car manufacturers are out to change that. Today’s cars are outfitted with plush features designed to make those eight-hour drives a more enjoyable experience. Discover more about what you can expect next time you hit the road in a high-class vehicle.

Seat Massagers

One way to ease sore muscles? By getting a massage. Since chances are high that you won’t have time to stop by a spa while you’re traveling, seat massagers are the next best thing. You’ll love how these help unwind your body as you drive. That way, you won’t be as sore when you get out of your car to stretch.

Automatic Lane Keeping

This isn’t the most luxurious feature on our list, but you’ll love how this keeps your car within the lanes. It’s easy to lose focus, especially when you’ve been in the car for hours, so Mercedes-Benz vehicles are outfitted with a sensor to keep your car within its lane. This will give you peace of mind during your road trip, and that’s priceless.


Mobile Research Local Laws

If you know what states you’ll be traveling through, it’s best to know the local laws before your visit. For instance, not every state allows right turns on red, such as New York. And you don’t want a fine. It doesn’t matter if you currently reside in that state or not — you’re responsible for knowing the laws. Research the local driving laws online before your departure to ensure you’ll arrive home from your trip with only happy memories and not a bunch of tickets.

Intelligent Speed Regulation

If you’ve got a lead foot, Ford’s Intelligent Speed Limiter will help you curb those tendencies. This feature adjusts your speed gradually and doesn’t mess with the brakes, so it will keep your ride smooth. You’ll love how it prevents you from getting pulled over without having to worry about constantly checking the speed limit and how fast you’re going.

Keyless Car Entry

Your car will become your lifeline when you’re on the road. If something happens to it or you lose the keys, your whole trip is ruined. But keyless entry can change that. Typically, you’ll carry around a remote that opens and starts the car when you’re within a certain distance. Many of these also contain important security features. For instance, if someone tries to steal your car and you have the remote in your hand, they’ll only be able to drive a short distance because the car will shut off unless the keyless remote is inside the car.


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