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Women We Love – The 40 Percent Rule

Research suggests that women should display approximately 40 percent of their body in order to attract a gentleman. Any more and she will be designated ‘unclassy’ – any less and she will be seen as a prude. And so we thought we’d put the 40 Percent rule to the test… and sure enough – we […]

Dating Advice From SuperModels

Very few men have actually dated a supermodel, but if that is a goal of yours – then we’d like to help make that a reality for 2016. We’ve collected advice from the most valuable sources around. Who’s that, you ask? Why the supermodels, themselves, of course. But these are not just your ordinary supermodels… […]

Vinny Turns Your Vinyl Records Into Living Art

Vinyl records are like artwork in more ways than one… And while not everyone recognizes this, Vinny certainly does. Who’s this Vinny character, anyway? Well, he’s a bit of a traditionalist. He prefers his music smooth, his Gin Portland 33, and evenings off. He has no desire to keep his record collection in a box […]

Courtney Tailor On Dating, Success and How to Approach Women

We normally prefer to end these interviews on a bombshell, but in the case of Courtney Tailor, we have no choice but to begin with one. You may know her from Instagram, Playboy’s Girls Next Door or G-Easy’s music video, “Me, Myself & I”. But you will soon be seeing a lot more of her, […]

Carvana Car Vending Machine – A Better Way to Buy a New Automobile

Last summer as we were experiencing the new Scion iM and iA, we learned about the philosophy of selling cars to buyers without actually “selling them”. This means no more high pressure tactics or gimmicky freebies. Carvana has a similar outlook to car sales, having built a system that works like an intelligent vending machine. […]

When Shipping Container Homes Become Mansions

The standard laymen definition of a mansion is “a large, impressive house.” And so a couple designers decided that if they used enough simple containers connected in intricate patterns and located them within the edge of an exotic location – we just might consider them to be truly impressive. And as it turns out… they […]

J Sutta On Her Favorite Girl Crushes, Film and New Single, Damn!

Her upcoming album is Feline Resurrection, her new single is “Damn! (I Wish I Were Your Lover)” and she goes by the name J Sutta… not Pussycat. And now that we’ve got that out of the way, we’re about to get a little more up close and personal with one of our favorite performing artists […]

Women We Love – Instagram Edition

Some men might agree that Instagram is one of the greatest things this generation has to offer. With so many beautiful women sharing sexy photos and selfies on Instagram, we might just have a new appreciation for technology… and women. Dannie Riel Instagram Viki Odintcova Instagram Sahara Ray Instagram Lindsey Pelas Instagram Daphne Joy Instagram Alexis […]

A Message of Peace For the Holiday

This holiday season we are being given the chance to bring peace to the world, but as recent events would suggest – our efforts may be falling on deaf ears. If only we could find some kind of common language, perhaps our tribe mentality could be broken down. Perhaps this final act was meant to […]

Steiner Sports – The Easy Way to Own a Piece of Sports History

A lot of sports fans have gone to great efforts to collect some of the most inspiring slices of sports history that any man could ask for. We’re talking about autographed balls, helmets, jerseys and framed/signed posters from everyone from Peyton Manning to Ronda Rousey. And while a guy could spend a lifetime collecting the […]