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Babe Tribute – Skye McDonald

Model and actress Skye McDonald is a blue eyed and raven haired beauty with Irish and German roots.

Babe Tribute – Jaslyn Ome

The break is over, and we are celebrating with a fap session with one of our favorite babes, Jaslyn Ome.

To Fap Or Not to Fap…

Today we are taking a short break from our usual Babe Tribute to pose this serious question: To Fap or Not to… At what point does self pleasure become the profile of a fapstronaunt? And if you’re really feeling frisky, you can check out the original study here.

How to Get Out of the Friend Zone

A man with lots of women friends is often ridiculed by the ones with lots of dude buddies. However, if you really think about it, the guy with gal pals is actually just a few steps away from being the one who’s getting laid. Here is some great advice on finding your way out of […]

How to Design an Awesome Bachelor Pad

Ballers know that their bachelor pad is their lifeline. It represents their image, persona, and will leave behind a lasting legacy (until you go bankrupt, but we’re not concerned with that right now). While there are many options to designing an awesome pad, such as a comfortable couch, updated theater room, and functional (yet stylish) […]

Babe Tribute – Hot Asians

Just a few of some of the beautiful and sexy Asian women we’ve seen lately. Want to see more? Be sure to also check out Babe Tribute – Hot Asian Girls and Hot Asians

Babe Tribute – Alyssa Arce

Alyssa Arce is sexy, and wearing a red bikini. Honk if you’re horny.

What a Modern Record Console Should Look Like

The Modern Record Console by Symbol Audio is their flagship audio player. It features two 15-watt tube amps, two 6.5″ drivers, and an 8″ subwoofer. The entire unit is crafted with an eclectic use of sculptured metal, Walnut, and carbon fiber. We could say a lot more about the craftsmanship of this device. However, we’ll […]

Pop Desk for the Apple iPhone

There is a point when technology goes so far, it actually becomes inconvenient. Take those flat rectangles smartphones we are constantly placing against our face to make a call. The old phones were easier to hold, hear, and speak in a clear voice. Introducing the Pop Desk Phone by Native Union, which can turn your […]

Goateesaver – The Goatee Shaving Template

If you’re the kind of guy who has trouble drawing a straight line, getting your tie balanced on your shirt, or shaving your goatee without looking like a Picasso painting, we’d highly recommend the Goateesaver shaving template. We know what you’re thinking, but the consumers have spoken, and the majority seem to like the results […]