MMA Workout – And Here Comes The Boom

Would you like to improve your odds in a fight and get a great workout at the same time? Well, here’s the deal–Your odds of winning any confrontation can be significantly increased by simply avoiding a good portion of the punches being thrown. That is sometimes easier claimed than done, so it is also important […]

The Man’s Guide to Winning a Fight With No Experience

If you have come to this article, chances are the stuff has hit the fan, your machismo is on the line, and you’re out of time to learn the art of fighting the long, hard way. The first place we’d send you to is our interview with the strength-training author, Michael Gundill (MBA), who offers […]

Mercedes Terrell On What Guys Should Know

Who is Mercedes Terrell? Well, perhaps a better question is where does this Gemini find the time to be all that she is. She has made appearances at Hot Import Nights, the Fuel Channel, and can be found at every single Bellator MMA event. She has graced the covers of Tuner, Lowrider, Modified Mustang and Superstreet, […]

An MMA Fighter Lurks Inside You – 3 Tips to Set Him Loose

MMA Fighting Techniques can take years of practice to use effectively, but having the strength and resilience of a world-class champion can take as little as several months if working with a proper strength training circuit. MMA training can do a lot for you. It can help you to achieve greater health, happiness, and confidence, […]