Tailor Vintage Reversible Shorts Make Weekend Getaways Easy

Some men expend vast amounts of time and effort to own some of the world’s finest brands of clothing. We at Urbasm prefer to expend a little more effort to discover some of the finest clothing that may not be known to every man. Tailor Vintage is a modest brand with a big promise. They […]

Cole Haan Designs Zero Nonsense Dress Shoes With ZeroGrand

When it comes to style, the wise man would be wisest to maintain his look with the classics. This includes the accessories he chooses to place around his waist, wrist, and feet. However, if you prefer the comfort of a top of the line athletic sneaker, with the Cole Haan ZeroGrand you can have the […]

Get the Look with Ray-Ban Aviator Sunglasses

Even if your name isn’t Maverick, a pair of Ray Ban’s can’t do you wrong. Always in style, aviator sunglasses are the perfect accessory to finish any look. Get it here.

2 Weekend Bags by Moore and Giles

We’ve talked about man bags and murse’s before. However, sometimes a man needs a bit more room for all his stuff. We’re not talking about this much room… How about something more manageable, like a classic weekend duffel. Whether your destination is the Alaskan mountains or the beaches of Key West, most men choose to […]

Creating the Ultimate Man Closet

A closet is often a second thought for men. It is just a place to store garments, belts, ties, shoes, and maybe a skeleton or two. However, there is a very good reason to become persnickety when it comes to your wardrobe and storage ideas. A well organized closet saves time. It allows you to […]

Men, What Are You Going to Wear in 2013?

  Only six days left until it’s time to dump out the old (2012) you, and unleash the new. Esquire makes a few bold predictions on what is going to be stylish for men in 2013. 2012 was a very good year for men’s style. And, going on the very reasonable (we think) assumption that the […]

Fashion Advice for the Plus-Sized Guy

The best style advice for any plus-size guy, is to let confidence carry whatever it is that you are wearing. Style has been said to be 30 percent attitude and 70 percent knowing what the hell you’re doing. Considering that at least a portion of us guys have absolutely no idea about fashion, Urbasm has […]

4 Coats for the Urban Male

Depending on your style, we’ve got 4 coats that should appeal to most, while adding a touch of sophistication to your wardrobe.   The Billy Reid Bond Pea Coat is an essential for every guy, made of 100% wool, it’s also worn by 007 in SkyFall. Find it online here.   The Woolrich Woolen Mills Maine […]

Wear a Scarf and Still Look Like a Badass

The Alexander McQueen Skull Scarf is a sheer print neck wrap that is lightweight, versatile, and whether you choose red, tan, or black, you will appear fashionable to the ladies, and badass to the fellas. Prices on these are currently running as much as $200-plus, so this may be one of the pricier options, but […]

Suitjamas: Suit up in the Bedroom… and Get it On!

  Guys, that crusty tighty-whitey and stained t-shirt ensemble is probably a big reason why your Saturday night usual… stays on just Saturday night. If you want to impress a lady in the bedroom, you have to dress like Barney Stinson, from the television show, How I Met Your Mother. These “world famous” suitjamas come […]