A Gentleman’s View Outside His Window

The view outside your window should be as inspirational as this. It should provide an escape route from your daily grind. One day can pass a man by awfully quickly, so he might as well have a worthy reward waiting for him at its end. Because when the sun rises the next day, it is […]

Round Up – The Good Man

Being a good man should come naturally, but it is actually more of a learned trait. It comes from having a quality influence over your life. And these are a few of our favorite influencers doing what they do best… teaching us how to be better men. The One Grooming Fail Women Hate The Most […]

Off The Grid And Unplugged

Where did the summer go? It is a good thing that there are still places in the world where the summertime never ends. Places that frown on cold, stress, technology and an empty glass. Places like these: Also see Guide to British Columbia for more unplugged travel destinations.

A Man’s Home Tells His Story – What’s Yours?

They say a man’s home is his castle; a refuge of sorts. However, what we like to believe – is that a man’s home tells a story. It is a glimpse of his personality, by style and design. From industrial to wood, minimalism to modern – A man’s home should be an extension of himself. A place […]

A Man’s Pictorial Guide To Travel

A man’s soul is only as complex as the places he’s seen. A man’s heart is only as full as the champagne glasses he’s filled. A man’s legacy is only as long-lasting as the people he’s impressed himself upon. In short, a man may travel halfway around the world just to discover that there is […]

Cool Tech You Should Know

You claim that you own the latest iPhone, wearable tech and can practically Tinder with both hands tied behind your back. However, unless you’re also savvy to these 14 awesome tech bites – you are missing out on what we consider some of the best “life tools” available today. Take a deep breath, as your existence […]

The Endless Pursuit of Knowledge (and Uselessness)

Every once in a while we discover a new site, and some we just keep going back to. But everyone likes to discover a new online treasure trove or interesting corner of the web. Here’s a few we thought you might like: Camel Camel Camel  – price history and alerts for Amazon A Good Movie To Watch – […]

Business Wetsuits – Go From The Boardroom To The Beach

Style is something that follows you, wherever you might be. Should that place be the beach, now you can remain dapper with a business wetsuit. Everything right down to the tie is made from 2mm neoprene and available in three styles; Office Smart, Casual Friday, and Party Tuxedo. Admit it, you’ll never look this good while trying […]