How to Be a Man – And Make Eye Contact

Eye contact is one of the most influential factors in a man’s life from birth to death. Everything from his romantic relationships to the position at his job is affected by the amount of eye contact he engages in. This influence can make a man appear more attractive, likeable, smart, dominant, recognized, and improve his […]

The Modern Man’s Guide To Winning Friends & Influencing People

Dale Carnegie’s classic book, How to Win Friends and Influence People, has sold over 50 million copies in 38 languages. What is the secret to the book’s ageless advice? While structurally, the business world is forever changing, the individual man is still fundamentally the same. He relates best to those who relate to him. He […]

Short Selling is Predictable Gambling – Interview With Timothy Sykes

“Short selling penny stock is predictable gambling,” explains Timothy Sykes, self-made millionaire, star of MOJO’s reality show, Wall Street Warriors, and author of An American Hedge Fund. “That is how I made my millions.” What is Short Selling? Penny stocks are traded at under five dollars per share. Short selling involves selling these inexpensive stocks […]

Job Interview Body Language Strategies

If a single picture speaks a thousand words, imagine the thousands of frames that occur during the typical job interview. It is essential to the outcome of any interview that you sit up straight, smile, hold your head high, and remember that you are being judged by a lot more than just what you have […]

Going With the Flow- How to Be Happy In Your Career

Mihaly Czikszentmihalyi has been asking the question, “What makes a life worth living,” for the past 40 years. Within such a discovery would lie the happiness of your relationships, marriage, and even your job. While there has been no so-called light bulb moment where he can say that he truly knows the secret to a […]

Approval Disorder – The Career Stagnator

Some men live much of their lives on the sidelines, because they are afraid that if they act outside of the box, someone will disapprove. It is true that most everyone prefers to get approval from others, as this is something we are taught at a very young age. Even as infants we we learn […]

Wanna See What it’s like to Work at Hot Wheels?

There is really only one sentence needed to preface what you are about to see– Their workspace features both the toy and life-sized versions of hotrods, they use the word “play” to describe what they do, and they get to test cars on a giant freaking Hot Wheels race track. Thank you for making us all […]

3 Ways to Be Happier At Work

One of the biggest reasons that men fail at their career, is a lack of inspiration and happiness. If you are not happy with where you are now, your only options are to move on, or make the most of where you’re are. Here are 5 tips to be happier in any career. 1. Take […]

Landing Your Dream Job (Video)

Landing your dream job can take a lot more than just having really great job search skills. In fact, there are a lot of things you may not have considered that can turn an ‘okay’ job into a fantastic one. Every dream job must start with a step in the right direction, and this video […]

How to Fill Out a Job Application

It has come to our attention, after a week of accepting job applicants, that the act of properly filling out these forms is becoming a dying art. This is really too bad, considering that most jobs that are worth your time, require you to impress on paper before you get the chance to dazzle in […]