Can Kinesiology Tape Improve Your Performance?

Kinesiology tape has recently found itself in the spotlight. This is due to the NBA’s decision to first ban the tape’s use on the court, and then a retraction of that decision, based on the fact that it may actually provide benefit to the players. The question is, can kinesiology tape really provide benefit to you? […]

Can an Ion Bracelet Improve Your Health?

I’m a man of science more than emotion, or at least I try to be. This is why when I received an PureStrength ion bracelet from ENDVER, I hit the books to understand how it was designed to work. Basically, there is nothing magical about these bracelets, as negative ions are surrounding you every day. […]

How to Fill Out a Job Application

It has come to our attention, after a week of accepting job applicants, that the act of properly filling out these forms is becoming a dying art. This is really too bad, considering that most jobs that are worth your time, require you to impress on paper before you get the chance to dazzle in […]

The Digital Evolution

Long before the web, we relied on encyclopedia’s and a place called the library to gather information. Back then things went at a slower pace, and most of us were informed of the days events by newspapers or the evening news. The digital revolution has brought many advancements, and there’s been casualties along the way. […]

How to Pick Up a Girl at the Gym

Quick Tips: Quality Protein is the foundation to every hardbody. Carbohydrates are also important. Just don’t over do it. Eat lots of green leafy vegetables to keep you regular. Make sure you wait at least one hour after swimming in a really cold pool. and…