The Digital Evolution


Long before the web, we relied on encyclopedia’s and a place called the library to gather information. Back then things went at a slower pace, and most of us were informed of the days events by newspapers or the evening news.

The digital revolution has brought many advancements, and there’s been casualties along the way. Businesses in publishing taking the brunt of it, those in real estate, travel, and many others have had to adapt or risk disappearing altogether. As today’s digital market becomes more saturated, there’s an online battle for acquiring attention that every business faces.

When you think of how things have evolved over the last 20 years or so, there’s a huge difference to how marketing works now compared to the way it used to be.

Not so long ago, businesses were limited by advertising options. When it first started, there was print and outdoor, and it was very limited at the time. As radio and tv entered the picture they also became channels of distributing marketing messages. For a long time it these options expanded as more of the same, and for a brief period the fax was an option. Yellow page ads were practically mandatory for a number of years, but the web has rendered it near obsolete in the last decade.

Fast forward to today and businesses have a large variety of digital options for marketing, from display ads, social media and search to inbound marketing and mobile for attracting new customers. Technology is advancing at a faster rate than ever, and new innovations are becoming a daily occurrence.


Marketing Map

A look at the above provides a glimpse of the many channels available today for content and inbound marketing opportunities. Things have evolved to where it no longer matters where you are, be it Vancouver, Los Angeles, New York, or Denver. Digital has removed the borders and constraints for doing business and created a global playing field.


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