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Women We Love – Sweater Kittens

  It’s not always what a woman wears, but how she wears it. To the surprise of some, a sweater can be sexy, with the right technique. Whether it’s to display cleavage, or hide the sweater kittens, when it’s done right it’s undeniable. While a tight sweater is great, we can’t deny that we’re also […]

Women We Love – Katya Elise Henry

Miami based fitness model and trainer Katya Elise Henry shows us how the hard work pays off, and then some.  

Women We Love – Fernanda Ferrari

While some have it, others like Fernanda Ferrari are meant to flaunt it.

Women We Love – Alexis Bellino

If you recognize her from the show Real Housewives, you’re correct. Alexis Bellino makes reality television worth watching.

Glamping Explained – Gentlemen’s Luxury for the Outdoors

Glamping is not a cute phrase created by the mating of the words, ‘glamorous’ and ‘camping’. It is formed from the acronym, “Gentlemen’s Luxury As Made Planning & Inspiring Nature’s Greatness.” Okay, so maybe we made that up… but we think we make a pretty good point. We see this acronym as a reminder that […]

Dove Men +Care Makes Thin Weak Hair, Muscular Again

A man can use a wing man in practically everything he does – from piloting a Cessna 152, to bouncing clubs, lifting weights and managing his hair care regimen. And the best wing man we’ve found (when it comes to hair) is someone who’ll be there through both the ‘thick and thin’. While most us […]

When Smelling Like A Man Is All You Ever Wanted

Since the dawn of time, men have been the subject of certain scrutiny and ridicule, with few options in the past. Naturally, we’re talking laundry. For centuries, men have had to accept their fate and smell April fresh, which is far better than nothing, but not really appealing for many. So when we came across […]

5 Minutes With Instagram Sensation Kristina Basham

They say that every time an Instagram star is born… an angel loses her wings – a queen loses her thrown and a man gets his heart broken. But when it comes to a beautiful woman, it isn’t the consequence that matters, but the spectacular view provided throughout the journey. And even though we suspect we […]

Arch Motorcycle KRGT-1 – Two Legends Design A New Legend

Designing a legendary motorbike takes more than the streets smarts of engineer/fabricator, Gard Hollinger, and the Hollywood name of long-time bike enthusiast, Keanu Reeves. And quite frankly, the fact that these two have collaborated to build a legendary bike meant nothing to us… until we saw the result of their efforts: This is the Arch KRGT-1. Willed to Life […]

5 Boat Shoes for the Tail End of Summer

The afternoon shadows are beginning to get a little long in the tooth, so to speak. The tail end of summer is upon us, but that by no means suggests it is time to trade in your boat shoes for your dessert chukkas. In fact, the late summer is one of the best times to […]