Celebrity and Expert Women Share the Secret of a Stylish Man


When discussing a man’s best options to pull off ‘stylish,’ we always go with the experts on this, which are frequently women themselves. So to find out what women really want to see on their men, we asked a few of our favorite experts, including Joanna Krupa, Sharna Burgess, Kezia Noble, Adrienne Janic and more. And then we asked our friends at East Dane to make a few suggestions to incorporate this advice into reality.

What Do Women Want?


Keep your style congruent with your life style and personality, just make sure it is well fitted to suit your body. Nothing is worse than a badly fitted shirt, suit, or pair of pants. Men need to seek professional advice about the actual size they need to wear, and from there–in my opinion, anything goes!”
Kezia Noble, Dating Expert

For me, I like a guy who is into fashion. Like my fiancée, he is very into the oversized t-shirts and skinny pants. A plaid button down; like a vintage over-sized one. A black hoodie and some black skinny jeans. A pair of boots, like Doc Martens or something similar. And a good basic white t-shirt, like Alexander Wang.”
Hanna Beth Merjos, Fashion Blogger & Model

You always want to be put together. You have to own who you are. [But] it is more about character, and it is more about how you say something as opposed to what you say. Women are looking at what is behind what a man says; what is behind the way he acts. That is what we really connect with.”
Marni Kinrys (WingGirl), Dating Expert

A guy must have a personal style and not look sloppy. I love guys in glasses . So, if you wear black rim glasses, I am probably going to stare at you.”
Caitlin O’Connor, Actress & Model

I think that confidence and a little bit of cockiness in men is an extremely attractive quality. Women flock to that. So, I think that dance goes hand in hand with it. If you are out there and you are dancing on the dance floor, that means that you’ve got the confidence to do it, and you’ve got the confidence in knowing how to use your own body.”
Sharna Burgess, Dancing With The Stars

What Don’t They Want?


I don’t like sandals. That is a big turn-off.”
– Hanna Beth Merjos

Women will spend close to an hour or more getting ready for a date. Men who show up in a dirty t-shirt and sneakers quickly annoy them. To make this easier, have two [maybe] three date outfits that have at least been approved by a couple of your fashionable girlfriends. This should include a casual daytime look, an evening look, and an active wear look. Knowing that this stuff is already in your closet will make life so much easier.”
Jennifer B. Rhodes Psy.D., Relationship Expert

Women notice small details, and I like a guy’s hands and feet to be manicured. I hate when guys are wearing flip flops, and they’ve got these long toenails. Even if you cut them yourselves, just keep it groomed. You have no idea how many disgusting feet I’ve seen either standing in line at the bank or grocery store. That is something I look at; and it is very rarely that I see a guy with clean nails and feet.”
Adrienne Janic, Model and Host of Overhaulin’

I won’t even talk to you if I think you smell or have plaque caked on your teeth. You know that old saying, a woman knows right away if she will sleep with you or not? I think that it has everything to do with hygiene.”
Krystle Lina, Model

Long story short, women consider good hygiene a very important part of every man’s ‘style’. And speaking of showing off your peacock feathers, statistics suggest that a man’s date night style is often associated with showing a woman his monetary wealth and ability to provide for her. However, you do have to be careful of overplaying your hand with this approach, as Joanna Krupa will explain.

I hate when men try to show off how much money they have on the first date. Sorry guys, a Lamborghini or a private jet doesn’t impress me. A man that is confident with a great sense of humor is what gets me going. I can’t stand pretentious, superficial people.”
Joanna Krupa, Model & Television Personality

The Most Important Thing


And we are proud to say that out of most of the women we know, we have discovered that a man’s fashion is far from being the most important thing. In fact, most women are more focused on your confidence, sense of humor, and whether or not you arrived to pick her up with a full tank of gas. We’ll let Adrienne explain that last tip in detail.

My dad would always say that it wasn’t about the car. He would say whenever you get in the car, check his gas tank. If it is more than half full, then this is a good guy. He took the time to fill up the car and he can afford to take you out. But if the guy has less than a half tank, then forget it—because if he can’t afford to gas up the car, then don’t even bother.”
– Adrienne Janic

About Dr. Eric J. Leech

Eric has written for over a decade. Then one day he created Urbasm.com, a site for every guy.

About Dr. Eric J. Leech

Eric has written for over a decade. Then one day he created Urbasm.com, a site for every guy.