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Finder RFID Locator for Your Smart Phone

Technology is constantly looking for solutions to big problems. However, some of our most favorite tech toys, are the ones that have been designed to replace an aging gadget which has grown a bit moldy behind the ears. The “clapper” and “whistler” key finders were awesome back in the day when a Mr. Professor calculator […]

Babe Tribute – Lara Alvarez

While many television journalists get where they are by looking and acting like Walter Cronkite, Lara Alvarez looks a bit more like a bikini model, which makes giving the bad news, that much easier to take. Alvarez is a reporter for Telecino, and holds one of the highest Twitter following of just about any other […]

Tattoos that ‘Ring’ with Your Smartphone

The cell phone company, Nokia, has invented a technology that allows a tattoo to ‘ring’ (more like a tingle or itch) whenever someone calls or sends a notification. The technology involves magnetized tattoo ink, which means your existing tatt probably won’t work, unless you add onto it with some of the magnetized stuff. The ink works in conjunction with your […]

Summer Girls

There is no better time of year, than the anticipation of yet another summer. What do you miss about the summer? We miss the carnivals… Hot summer nights… Summer dresses… Going bathing suit shopping… Correction: Watching other women try bathing suits on. We also miss relaxing by the water… During a sunset… With our sunglasses… And […]

Art of the Pocket Square

If you want a dash of color to warm up your wardrobe; the pocket square is your answer to a simple but sophisticated look. All you need to pull it off is a few tips. One, the stitches that are currently holding your suit pocket closed are very easy to remove. Do your personal style […]

It’s Yoga Pants Season

For those of you who actually have seasons; Spring can be an amazing time. Why? The opposite sex sheds her layers in favor of something a little more… seasonal. Yoga pants are a common favorite of the urban male, and these are just a few reasons why we feel so strongly about that.

Creating the Ultimate Man Closet

A closet is often a second thought for men. It is just a place to store garments, belts, ties, shoes, and maybe a skeleton or two. However, there is a very good reason to become persnickety when it comes to your wardrobe and storage ideas. A well organized closet saves time. It allows you to […]

Sean “The Pen” Garrett Divulges Three Things Every Man Should Know

Sean “The Pen” Garrett is a chart-topping hip-hop artist, song writer, and record producer– whom you may not know by name. This is because he has remained behind the scenes for much of his career, writing hit music for the likes of Jay-Z, Chris Brown, Beyonce, and Usher. He’s currently on his way to making […]

Babe Tribute – Marta Gut

Marta Gut is a bikini model (and biotechnologist) from Warsaw, Poland. 90-62-88… which is European for, freaking awesome!

Babe Tribute – Georgia Karabinis

Georgia Karabinis first popped up in the 2009 Miss Universe pageant, representing her home country of Sweden. She is more than worthy of a babe tribute, and we’re sure you will find your time spent with her… very ‘uplifting’.