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Tim Ferriss Becomes a 4-Hour Chef

Don’t be intimated by the massive 600 pages of Time Ferriss’s newest offering, The 4-Hour Chef. Ferriss has suffered the intimidation for you, and what you may see before you as a giant block of literary fruitcake, it is actually “a labor of love and hate and sweat and blood and tears.” Ferris has asked some […]

Winter Style

Just because Jack Frost is nipping at your toes, doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style for warmth and comfort. Each season brings a new opportunity to express your personality, and the coldest months actually offer more fashion options and accessories than any other time of the year. Take advantage of this with Urbasm’s recommended reading […]

Babe Tribute – Handbras

  Blessed is thou art hand bra, is none greater than thee? Enough with the intro, here’s the hand bras! You might also be interested in; The Hand Bra Gallery The Art of the Hand Bra Rise of the Hand Bra  

Babe Tribute – Lingerie part III

In the third installment of our tribute to lingerie, we try to continue keeping it classy.   Be sure to check our previous Lingerie tribute 1, Lingerie tribute 2

Babe Tribute – Lingerie part II

A continuation of our tribute to lingerie, man’s greatest weakness.

Babe Tribute – Lingerie

The art of seduction might include many weapons in a woman’s bag of tricks, with few wielding the magnificent powers of lingerie.

Babe Tribute – Catalina Otalvaro

Catalina Otalvaro has an unforgettable face, and assets to match. This Colombian sweetheart sure has us revved up.

Ultra High Def Video

If you think 1080p and BluRay offer crisp detail, then the new 4k resolution will blow your mind. It’s four times the resolution of full HD. That means you can sit closer without getting a pixelated view. The higher resolution means there’s the potential for even larger screens for you home theater slash man cave, […]

High Tech Poker

Make the weekly poker game a little more interesting with this ingenious app that replaces the standard deck of cards and works with an iPad and a bunch of iPhones or iPod touches. You can find bold poker here.

Urban Transport

Getting around town sometimes requires alternative modes of transportation. When you have errands to run or just want to cruise about, nothing compares to the good old bicycle. If you’re after a sturdy ride, the Trek Earl Bike might be the answer.   If you can’t get there fast enough, the DeLorean is a stainless steel complete with […]