Women We Love – Bianca Kmiec

Bianca Kmiec

Have you seen this girl? Meet Bianca Kmiec, our latest crush. This 18-year-old fitness model has been busy in her fitness lifestyle and making men weak in the knees and thankful to be guys. Words like stunning, beautiful, and inspiring come to mind as we gaze at her. So we took all that inspiration and began to […]

Women We Love – Susanna Canzian

When we came across Susanna Canzian, we were in awe. Her beauty, curves and proportions have us believe she could have a great future, like an SI Swimsuit model, or perhaps Victoria’s Secret. Either way, we know Susanna Canzian has a big future and look forward to seeing more of her. For even more of Susanna Canzian be […]

Women We Love – Iris Kavka

Iris Kavka sexy model

If you ever believed in love at first site, then Slovenian model Iris Kavka might be proof. We had never heard of miss Kavka, but are now fans for obvious reasons. Her big break (so far) looks to have been when lingerie brand Incanto chose to do a shoot with the beautiful Iris Kavka on Lake Como in Italy. […]

Women We Love – Kayla Fitz

Kayla Fitz

Our new crush Kayla Fitz has caught our attention, and to say she is captivating is an understatement. As a a self proclaimed goofball, Kayla says she never takes things too seriously because she loves to laugh and have fun. You can see more of Kayla at Bikiniteam.com and her Instagram A photo posted by Kayla Fitz (@kaylafitz3) […]

Women We Love – Svetlana Bilyalova

Svetlana Bilyalova

You might say From Russia With Love, because Svetlana (Sveta) Bilyalova is a model from Moscow, and (surprisingly) she is new to modelling. Well, she seems to be a quick learner and we look forward to seeing more of her. She’s also a hit on social media and has millions of instagram followers. You can check […]

Women We Love – Ana Cheri

You probably recognize her, and Ana Cheri is no stranger to modeling. Born and raise in Southern California, she’s a former playmate and Instagram star.  

Annelise Marie Proves Blondes Have (Are) More Fun

A man’s legacy comes in many forms – his career, sense of humor, fashion… a good woman. It is said that a great woman is behind every great man, and he wouldn’t have it any other way. But where can a man find such a woman? We’ve tried a good portion of the grocery stores […]

Women We Love – Tatiana Mityushina

Tatiana "Tanya" Mityushina

One look at Tatiana “Tanya” Mityushina and you’ll likely be thankful that her favorite wardrobe ensembles appear to be a mix between lingerie and bikinis. Tanya hails from Russia and appeared as a model in the 2016 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. We expect many great things to come from her.  

Women We Love – Instagram Angels

If you’ve been struggling to decide who some of the top angels are on Instagram, we’d like to offer our own opinion on the matter (not that you asked). Our requirements were quite simple (and brilliant if you ask us). She had to actually be found on Instagram (this one is more important than it […]

6 Women Who Blew Up The Internet

Explosions are awesome, but we particularly like the causation behind some of the biggest ones recorded in history. We’re talking about a few of the most well-proportioned bikini bods who also happen to mimic the silhouette of one of the sexiest and most combustive muscle cars of the 1960’s – a Chevrolet Corvette split window. […]