Interesting (But Useless) Car Trivia

Did you know… In 1898, the first vehicles were so slow that the police department used bicycles to pursue speeding motorists. (However,  that might have something to do with why the first speeding ticket wasn’t given until 1902) The Fiat Strada was “hand-built” almost entirely by robots. 90% of all people have sang in their […]

How to Drive a Manual (Stick Shift) Transmission

It is surprising how few urban guys really know how to drive a stick shift… even the ones who drive one everyday. This is something that every man ought to know how to do, and do well. Why? It can provide better gas mileage, it may come in handy during an emergency situation, it is almost mandatory […]

Centuries 10 Greatest Cars

While there has never been a car that has satisfied every single need of the automotive enthusiast, there are certainly some that have come close. Every one of the greatest vehicles in the world has found a certain niche from which to be the best at, whether by speed, power, handling, or style. However, these […]

Classic Car Tribute- De Tomaso Mangusta

Between 1967 to 1971, the Mangusta was an Italian sports car with American flare. In its heart beat a 289 cubic inch V-8 from Ford, which was exchanged for a 302 V8 for the North American Market. American’s and their gas guzzlers… but who could blame them back in 1967 when gas was only $0.33 […]

Classic Cars Are Still Cool

Lately, car manufacturers have been strategically bringing back a few of the cool oldies of yesteryear… including the Dodge Charger, Challenger, and Chevrolet Camaro. While these may be great modern classics, there are still a few true classics we’d rather go for a spin in. Buick Grand National GNX- This is one of the baddest […]

Badass Car Tribute – Porsche 9FF TR 1000

The Porsche 9ff TR 1000 was built from a run of the mill Porsche 997. Okay, since when could a 997 Turbo be called, run of mill? Since this heavily modified 997, tuned by German tuning specialists, 9ff, got a hold of a few Porsche’s and started to tinker with their limits. This 9ff TR 1000 […]

How to Buy an Automobile on eBay

Some guys might say the deals on Ebay Motors are not what they used to be. If you are having trouble locating a certain vehicle for a certain price in your local listings, however, perhaps, it’s time to take your search to a national level. If you take your time, investigate the vehicle and seller […]

2015 Acura NSX Concept

Go ahead and rub your eyes, this is no dream. The NSX is being redesigned for a comeback in 2015, and get this… it will be built here in the United States (in a plant in central Ohio, no less). Now, there will be a couple of changes from the original. For one, it will […]

Compact Car Sex!

*Warning: XXX Barbie action ahead! Compact car sex is great! However, there are a few problems with it, including being too narrow in the cockpit, navigating around an unwelcome shifter, and having only enough head room for a decapitated torso (unless you own a convertible). What’s an anxious couple supposed to do? Well, you could lean the seats […]

Cool Concept Cars We Want

We’re making out our Christmas list a bit early this year. So far we’ve got the Maserati Gran Turismo S Superior, BMW M1, Toyota FT-HS, Volvo SC90, Honda FC Sport, Jaguar F-Type (2014), Lexus LF-LC, BMW Vision, Peugeot RCZ, Mercedes Benz SLS AMG, and the Jaguar B99. Okay Santa, so maybe these concept cars don’t […]