Mash Machine Makes Anyone Into a Musician

Mash Machine is a revolution in making music. It begins with an unconventional electronic canvas, several colored blocks, and the simple desire to create without limitation. THE MASH MACHINE is a step-change in music entertainment where music becomes tangible. Everyone, regardless of age, ability or location, can enjoy and interact with it as never before. Players […]

Job Interview Body Language Strategies

If a single picture speaks a thousand words, imagine the thousands of frames that occur during the typical job interview. It is essential to the outcome of any interview that you sit up straight, smile, hold your head high, and remember that you are being judged by a lot more than just what you have […]

Apple CarPlay Brings iOS To Your Four Wheels

Apple says to hell with the crappy iOS that came with your current ride. It is slow, confusing, hard to navigate, and fundamentally no fun. They have a better solution: Available on select new cars in 2014, CarPlay is a smarter, safer way to use your iPhone in the car. CarPlay takes the things you […]

HUVr Board Brings ‘Back To The Future’ To 2014

Cue the DeLorean, as host Christopher Lloyd introduces us to the skateboard of the future. Many of us first caught a glimpse of it back in 1989 in the film, Back To The Future Part 2: It is called the HUVr board, and will be available in December 2014. All we can say is–it’s about […]

Gentleman Bachelor Pads

What would you do with $10 million?

Manspiration – Listen, Smile, Agree

New Yorker’s Shocked By Zombies Attack

Fans of The Walking Dead television series are going to love this. As a promo for the start of their upcoming season on February 9th, AMC pulled the ultimate zombie prank on NYC. Watch as some walking dead hide beneath the streets of New York City, giving tiny heart attacks to the living above them. […]

How Omega-3 Can Help Prevent Colon Cancer

When it comes to health benefits, omega-3 fatty acids and all its glory has been known in the medical world. It has become a subject of many studies and has lined up a long line of diseases and conditions that it can benefit. The long chain omega-3 fatty acids found mostly in sea foods and […]

Can Kinesiology Tape Improve Your Performance?

Kinesiology tape has recently found itself in the spotlight. This is due to the NBA’s decision to first ban the tape’s use on the court, and then a retraction of that decision, based on the fact that it may actually provide benefit to the players. The question is, can kinesiology tape really provide benefit to you? […]

Can an Ion Bracelet Improve Your Health?

I’m a man of science more than emotion, or at least I try to be. This is why when I received an PureStrength ion bracelet from ENDVER, I hit the books to understand how it was designed to work. Basically, there is nothing magical about these bracelets, as negative ions are surrounding you every day. […]