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Sarah Clayton On Her Life, Fitness, and 3 Things Every Man Should Know

Every man needs to have inspiration in order to be the best he can be. For us, this inspiration comes from the magnificent women who are not only savvy in their life but also their career and zest for life. One such woman would have to be Sarah Clayton, a fitness model who has dedicated […]

How to Sell Yourself With a Pickup Line

I’ve spoken with a lot of dating experts over the years and have consequently received some mixed reviews about the lonely, most often misunderstood pickup line. I call it lonely, as it has certainly gotten a bad wrap in most circles. But do you really know what has given it such a bad wrap? Efforts like […]

Women We Love – Mabelynn Capeluj

You might recognize her as former Miss California, or from other work as a model. Either way, Mabelynn Capeluj gets our vote. Born and raised in San Diego, she likes the beach and enjoys outdoor activities such as jet skiing and rock climbing.        

Women We Love – Julianne Kissinger

  There’s something about the lovely  Julianne Kissinger that makes her undeniably attractive, and it’s more than the obvious. We haven’t figured it out, but it might be her flirtatious and playful style. The San Diego based model (aka Juli Annee, Juli.Annee or Juli.Anne) is certainly unforgettable.  

Rock Jaw Clarito Earphones – Most Bass at the Least Cost

I hate to use the word, ‘disposable’ or ‘low cost’, as we at Urbasm are really more interested in gentlemen class, sophisticated technology, and ultra performance. However, a great set of earphones- no matter what the cost… is still a great set of earphones. More For Less The Clarito by Rock Jaw is priced at less […]

Ultimate Challenge: The 6 Manliest Sports Today

Forget football and baseball — these are the real manliest sports of today. From chess boxing to wingsuiting, we break down what makes each of these sports so manly and how they truly get the blood flowing. Chess Boxing This sport is pretty much the ultimate challenge when it comes to both working the body […]

Abby Parece On Curves, Pickup Lines and Posing Nude for Playboy

Who’s that girl behind the above selfie? We’ll give you three hints: She doesn’t like to kiss and tell. She’s got curves and isn’t afraid to use them. If this planet were all female, she’d be all over the Victoria Secret model, Sara Sampaio. Give up? Well, you’ll be happy to know that we didn’t […]

Blood and Bones: The HYT Skull Bad Boy Watch

We were wondering what $100,000 could buy you these days, as far as a meaty gentleman’s watch with a pair of titanium cojones. The HYT Skull Bad Boy became one of our favorite answers. Tradition of a Samurai Sword The skull itself is made by the same tradition of the Samurai sword. It has been […]

Women We Love – Xena Kai

Kai Lansangan, also known as Xena Kai, is a model often seen at the import car shows. Her 32G-25-35 curves on a 5’2” frame of Filipino descent from California reminds us of the song California Girls, because we wish more were like her.  

Women We Love – Dolly Castro

  The lovely Dolly Castro is as alluring as she is beautiful, with a number of talents. The Nicaraguan actress/model/designer is also a hit on instagram. Be sure to check the videos of Dolly Castro for more, from glamour to bikini photo shoots;