“Sex” Education (Part 3)

“Sex” Education (Part 2)

“Sex” Education

Bizarre Sex Fantasies

Most people think that bizarre fantasies are a sign of being abnormal, or a sexual deviant. However, as most studies show, most of these represent the brain’s mechanism for coping with stress, or curbing an overzealous sexual appetite. So, whether you’re into balls or dolls, your weirdness has now been justified. However, we’re talking about […]


Beyond Viagra and sex cereal, men have a new ally in the battle against ED. This is what 20 mg of Josh Groban may be able to do for you!

Sex Cereal, the Breakfast of Sexchampions

The Viagra of Wheaties is preparing to hit the shelves (in select markets), and we were dying to get in on this action. What we’re talking about here is a cereal designed to make people want to have sex. Looking over the statistics from the past few years, we didn’t know there was that big […]

An End to the Minute-Man

If you’re a man, and have heard the word, “Already?” during your love-making sessions, you just may be a minute-man. The good news is that you are not alone. Looking at much of the research out there, if you take away the BJ to get ready, the introduction stage of getting in the motions, and […]

24-Hours to Perfect Health

If you think the title of this article is referring to the idea of following a few simple guidelines to be in perfect health… you would be wrong. What this article is actually trying to accomplish, is to make you realize just how much work goes into staying healthy for one single day. At best, […]

She’s Got a Headache? 7 Reasons Why Sex is Good for Her (You)

Most men have come across the excuse, Not tonight; I’ve got a headache, at least once in their life. And if it’s not the old headache ploy, it’s menstrual cramps, a cold, or she’s just too damn tired/stressed. Well, we did some research, and have come up with seven reasons why these excuses are no […]

Turbo Charge Your Sex Drive with Vitamins and Herbs

Feed Your Ocean with Vitamins and Herbs You won’t be getting anywhere with the ladies unless you have enough ocean to feed into the motion. Size matters not if the tool is not working properly. This is a source of unhappiness in many men and why Viagra has become such a household word. But Viagra is […]