A Man and His Penis – Can One Size Fit All (Most)

You’ve probably asked yourself this question a dozen times this year. You know, the one about your penis size. Okay, who are we kidding… you’ve likely asked that question a dozen times this week… and if you’re currently trying to hook up at a bar, that thought has crossed your mind at least that many […]

Who Should Pay on a First Date? A Man’s Answer

A first date is a lot like buying a used vehicle to a guy. He will look around for signs of damage and excess mileage (baggage) from the previous owner. He will take her out on the road, and may even put his foot all the way down on the accelerator (sexual tease) just to […]

A Woman’s Advice on Giving Your Girl the Gift She Really Wants

The average American has around $100 in unused gift cards laying around the house, according to a survey conducted by CardCash. While there may be a time and place for giving a gift card, when it comes to your special lady, it’s never it. C’mon man, put some serious thought into your girl’s gift this […]

How To Get Out of the Friend Zone

She’s confident, beautiful and has curves to boot—and you definitely don’t see her as just a friend. So what do you do? The friend zone is murky territory. It holds the intimacy that best friends share but doesn’t include the sensuality that couples have, and the friendship seems a little uneven. If you want both […]

Famous Bachelors And Their Captors

Some gentlemen like women, while others prefer a particular woman. These famous gentleman bachelor’s have been on the prowl for decades, and then one day a woman stood in the light. She not only appealed to their loins, but also their machismo, senses, and intellect on a whole other level. These are the kind of […]

Hanna Beth Schools Us On Dating And Style

If you want to learn how to be a man, we recommend you talk with Led Stroud. If you’re looking to start a successful business, Carol Roth is our goto business expert. However, when it comes to style advice, we’re a little partial to model and fashion blogger, Hanna Beth Merjos. Hanna is extremely popular […]

7 Tips to Keep Your Girl From Cheating On You

While men are often the topic of cheating, women have a much harsher opinion of it when they do it. According to research, men feel guilt when they cheat, while the majority of women cheaters don’t. This is simply because a woman feels entitled to be happy, and being ‘entitled’ means that she has the […]

One Women No Man Should Date Seriously – The Travel Girl

The girl who travels on a regular basis has lived life to the fullest, and is always hungry for more. She is exciting, beautiful, spontaneous, and she will break your heart, there is no doubt about that. The travel girl is very social and personal, but is also very inwardly focused. This means that she […]

Three Things Every Guy Should Know About Bad Girls

Most gentlemen grow up with the ideal that a woman should be caring, loving, and sensitive, and that he was born to be her hero and protector. This can sometimes cloud his judgement towards the women who do not deserve this level of servitude. If you’re a guy who repeatedly finds himself dating women who […]

What Women Think About Before, During, & After Sex

Guys, if you’ve ever wondered what was on us women’s minds before, during, and after sex. These are a few of the cold hard truths: Before: “Let’s just keep kissing–my old friend ‘Flow’ may have just got into town.” “I hope he doesn’t stay, because I don’t have anything for breakfast.” “Aren’t you going to […]