Can Sex Make You Happier in Life? Well, Yes and No

Over half of the single men reading this right now have not had any sex within the past year. What? But that just can’t be possible, can it?

And while reading that statistic may not make you feel very happy (unless you’re not within that group, of course), according to the research – your happiness may or may not be all that affected by it. Allow us to explain.

For one, according to the research – sex is best in moderation. No kidding. In studies, couples who were instructed to have sex twice as often as usual did not become ANY happier. In fact, the increased sex caused them to enjoy and desire it LESS. Do you know what really makes people miserable when it comes to sex? Thinking that everyone is having a whole lot more of it than they are.

And what we’ve learned so far is that over half of all singles own some pretty chilly bed sheets, so just imagine what else you’ve been getting wrong all these years. Are you starting to feel a little better about your own sex life? And this is likely only the beginning… keep reading.


About Pamela Causfield

I'm a digital nomad and story teller that writes for Urbasm and a few other websites on men's interests, style, relationships and whatever tickles my fancy. In my spare time I like to play the field in search of my prince, travel, and consider myself an artisan of sarcasm at times.