Snake Venom is the World’s Strongest Beer

While this stuff should just have a skull and cross-bones on the label, we do like the name, Snake Venom. We’ll skip past all the brewmeister jargon about how it is brewed with special peat smoked, chocolate malt, and champagne yeast… and get right down to its alcohol content, which is 67.5 percent. Get it […]

Retro Bar Fit For A Rockstar

When determining how you might dedicate your next booze shrine, class goes a long way. The Rockstar Whiskey Bar is a great piece of furniture built on these principles, and hand made to order in the UK from your choice of either American Black Walnut or Blackened Ash. The quilted back panel offers the choice of black […]

Jagermeister Shotmeister

We’ve been on the market for a machine that could serve ice-cold Jager whenever we wanted, and the Gods have finally blessed us with the Shotmeister ($199). What you are looking at is a state-of-the-art bartender that can serve up a shot of Jager at belo-zero temperatures, thanks to some serious spontaneous cooling technology that […]

Get Your Drink On

Man’s insatiable thirst has led him on a quest, perhaps since the dawn of time, in pursuit of that one substance that will fulfill all his expectations. You see, a well made drink is not about quenching just your thirst, but casting your mojo on a long journey. One that will begin with mystery and […]

How to Be a Man – And Fix Your Lady a Drink

One of the pitfalls of being a man trying to impress a lady, is that she most likely assumes that you should already know everything she needs. This is part of the Prince Charming hex, which has been cast over every man’s head. The result is that we are expected to be charming, handsome, polite, […]

Mama Walker’s Breakfast Liquors

Do you remember those Sunday morning breakfasts that mamma used to make? A stack of blueberry pancakes, some bacon, and a swig of Johnny Walker to wash it all down. Well, Johnny Walker’s mother knows that most bachelors don’t have time to cook all that stuff themselves. In fact, most of us just leave it […]

Spirits of the Spa

Coming this summer to a spa near you, are a collection of booze-based spa treatments designed to relax your mind, nourish your body, and sooth your aching muscles. Hot summer months are synonymous with ice-cold brews—but beer isn’t just for cooling down these days. A host of sophisticated spas are looking to beer, along with […]

Sasquatch Cocktail Shaker

For the rare moment when you are faced with a dozen 007’s, demanding their martini be shaken, and not stirred; this 15-inch, 110 ounce, stainless steel shaker ought to do the trick, and then some. The Sasquatch Cocktail Shaker ($50) is long, strong, and massive, and it may do more for your mojo that a six-pack of tube […]

5 Cocktails Worthy of Men

If you’re not one for downing bubba beers at the local drink and drool, yet, you like your specialty beverages with a little more kick than fufu decor, these five wonders of the mixology/cocktail world come highly recommended by our in-house bartender. Window Pane– The Window Pane takes a few steps beyond the border of […]

Whiskey Rox for Real Men

Watered down drinks are for sissies. Back in the days when a real Scot wore a skirt, they would go down to the riverbed, pull a few chilled stones out, and drop them in their mugs of home brewed delight. What was so brilliant about this seemingly barbaric act, was it kept their drink chilled without watering […]