Be a Wine Connoisseur in Three Steps

The French believe that drinking wine with good friends has a way of making the time spent that much more enjoyable. Most players know that wine has an aphrodisiac affect on women, that can turn a no, into a we’ll see how I feel after we finish the bottle. However, a wine connoisseur knows that […]

Mama Walker’s Breakfast Liquors

Do you remember those Sunday morning breakfasts that mamma used to make? A stack of blueberry pancakes, some bacon, and a swig of Johnny Walker to wash it all down. Well, Johnny Walker’s mother knows that most bachelors don’t have time to cook all that stuff themselves. In fact, most of us just leave it […]

5 Cocktails Worthy of Men

If you’re not one for downing bubba beers at the local drink and drool, yet, you like your specialty beverages with a little more kick than fufu decor, these five wonders of the mixology/cocktail world come highly recommended by our in-house bartender. Window Pane– The Window Pane takes a few steps beyond the border of […]