Forget Positive Thinking…

There is a reason why you are not as far along in your career as you would like to be… And it certainly is not because you haven’t been engaging in enough positive thinking. Here is a newsflash for you. It takes five compliments just to override one single negative criticism. And unfortunately, it is […]

How to Be a Man… and Kick Ass

There are a lot of naysayers out there who think that men have forgot how to kick ass. We’re not talking about grabbing a crowbar and beating the tar out of someone; but rather learning a skill, perfecting it, and then working to be the best at it. If you are ready to rise above […]

Morning Link Dump – July 18, 2013

Being a classy gentleman takes more than good  hygiene, a clean pressed suit, tie, pocket square, and the ability to form a complete sentence while texting. It takes a combination of attitude, style, experience, intuition; plus a little advice from other guys who know what they’re talking about. How to Be A Classy Gentleman – Playboy The […]

Motivate to Succeed

A lot of guys think that a successful career takes planning for the future. However, what they often forget, is that there is no substitute for living for today… and by that, we mean, get out there (now) and make success happen.

Why I Hate My Auto Dealer

It’s purely a love/hate relationship whenever I’m shopping for a new car. We all love the new car smell; the jealous look on our friends faces. However,  is it really worth it? One of the first things you’ll want do before visiting any car lot, is search the advertisements in the paper for the ones […]

Urban Males Welcome Pink Collar Jobs

What happens when a man can’t find the traditional blue-collar job; he becomes tired of the responsibility of management, or shrugs off the stereotype of a male nurse or receptionist? You get a man in a pink collar, which describes the traditional female-dominated career, such as dental hygienist, librarian, licensed nurse, or paralegal. Statistics suggest […]