Max’s Hot Clicks – Pop That

This week an emergency warning tone garnished a $1.9 million fine for the film, Olympus (2014). A teen’s intimate session with a Hot Pocket reminds us all of the importance of ‘wrapping it up’. And speaking of wrapping your Jimmy, the next time your heading to the bar, this should be the one wingman you never […]

Morning Link Dump – Tush Push

Sooner or later we all need a push in life, And if your ass looks anything like this, you’ll probably get one a lot sooner than others.     – Fit girls are special – 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Sex – Well played, good sir!  – Rich dude builds home in water tower […]

Babe Tribute – Anita Sikorska

Anita Sikorska is a woman I would like to get to know better. She has style, class, and tenacity, and a few other things that are best said in picture.

Max’s Hot Clicks – Pornist Leanings

This week on the Internet we discover that the U.S. Hockey team has a lot of things to go back to, that the Canadian team doesn’t. And while my father used to always claim that you can’t polish a turd… some guy with a stained rock polisher has proven him wrong. To tell you the […]

Babe Tribute – Lovely Ladies

We like them sitting, standing, bent over, twirling in a skirt, and splashed with a little bit of water. This is Urbasm’s tribute to all the lovely ladies, and the lovely things you do (and we wish you’d do).

Babe Tribute – Kelli Hutcherson

Kelli Hutcherson is a sexy model and former MMA ring girl, and she also does promotional work for Rockstar Energy drink and others. Which poses the question: Which of these do you think would give you more energy– drinking Rockstar or rocking the stars out of Hutcherson? I’ll let you ponder that one.

Wingman App For Airplane Sex Takes Flight This Summer

This summer the “Wingman” app will be coming to an airline lavatory near you. The app’s designer, Gabe Whaley, is hoping he will be able to bring on a lot more members to the mile high club with the use of this smart tool. The way it works is you will be able to locate willing members seated […]

What I Love About Vegas

I was asked the other day what I loved about Vegas. Well, I said. Las Vegas can be a great way to pass a little time, a whole lot of money, and a weeks worth of your proverbial wad. What truly amazes me is how clean the Vegas streets are during the day. Then, the second […]

Babe Tribute – Girls with Glasses

Hot girls with glasses are often found in book stores, but many guys like the hot secretary or hot librarian fantasy. They can easily go undetected, but there’s a lot of hot girls with glasses that you don’t want to miss.