10 Signs You’re A Bad Kisser

According to research, nearly three-quarters of women who were attracted to a man on a date, will become instantly repelled if he turns out to be a bad kisser. As it turns out, women can gauge a lot about a man from one kiss, ranging from his confidence, health, genetic compatibility, and if he’s going […]

Max’s Hot Clicks – The Perfect Butt

What is the infatuation with women in yoga pants, girls in yoga pants, and girls not wearing any pants? Well, it is one of the few parts on a sexy woman that is a uniquely feminine trait. According to research, the gaze of a “butt man” always starts and finishes in a woman’s ‘end’ zone, […]

Celebrity Fantasy Islands

Islands have become the next eye candy of tinsel town. Everybody has one, we are talking about Nicolas Cage, Leonardo DiCaprio, Tim McGraw, Eddie Murphy, Mel Gibson, Pee Wee Herman… wait, not Pee Wee, last I heard he had a camper trailer out on the studio lot of the television show, Barney the Purple Dinosaur.

Manly Distractions – Last Call

Inspiration and beauty surrounds us, and you never have to look very far to find it. While it takes on many forms and relies on personal tastes, most men will agree on some things. – Max

Bikini Model Paradise

Want to be at the next @SI_Swimsuit shoot? A once in a lifetime opportunity to be at the 2014 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit photo shoot.

Babe Tribute – Abella Anderson

There’s many guys that are no stranger to Abella Anderson. She’s one of the most popular women found online today for those that might have certain masturbatorial habits, or at least tend to peruse certain kinds of entertainment.  

Max’s Hot Clicks – Ewok Sex Den

Ken Jeong is the master of the photo-bomb, and the Spermatorrhea is the ultimate boner kill. I’d do a chick wearing a Darth Vadar mask, or smothered in bacon, however, I’d never glue my own pubes to my face or fuc** a Hot Pocket. A man has to have some class. speaking of class… This week […]

Manly Distractions – Opinions

Max’s Hot Clicks – Pop That

This week an emergency warning tone garnished a $1.9 million fine for the film, Olympus (2014). A teen’s intimate session with a Hot Pocket reminds us all of the importance of ‘wrapping it up’. And speaking of wrapping your Jimmy, the next time your heading to the bar, this should be the one wingman you never […]

Morning Link Dump – Tush Push

Sooner or later we all need a push in life, And if your ass looks anything like this, you’ll probably get one a lot sooner than others.     – Fit girls are special – 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Sex – Well played, good sir!  – Rich dude builds home in water tower […]