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Women We Love – Tatiana Girardi

The lovely miss Tatiana Ussa Girardi is a hot Colombian fitness model that clearly knows how to work it, and a bit of an internet sensation that sure got our attention.

Women We Love – Katya Elise Henry

Once in a while, it’s love at first site, and Katya Elise Henry  is one of those moments. Between the thousands of squats and lunges she must of performed, it may come as no surprise that’s she’s also a fitness model from Miami.

Women We Love – Rosanna Arckle

If you’ve never had the pleasure of being introduced to Rosanna Arckle, we’ve got a treat. You best clean out your mind, as we’re about to dirty it. The 28 year old Aussie model with almost 3 and a half million followers on Instagram makes $3,00o per post. Yup.   I washed up like thisssss ☀️???@andi_bagus @angelrileyphotography […]

Minimalist Sneakers – Balenciaga and Alexander Wang Boost

Life as a Minimalist It is easy to feel confident among an assortment of badges, swoops, stripes, laces, colors and materials. But when you take that away, you are left with two things – design and balance. The true essence of a great sneaker is how it molds itself to your foot. How it flexes […]

Pendlay Rows Technique – What Every Man Should Know

The Pendlay row is a true full-body exercise.” – Brett Hoebel (NBC’s The Biggest Loser) The body is a complex machine, which means that both complex and simple motions are what should be your choice weapons when building it. And while today’s man often prefers to rely on technology and complexity to achieve more… when […]

Women We Love – Chloe Bennet

If you’re a fan of Chloe Bennet like us, then we think you’ll enjoy this small photo gallery. A multi-talented singer and actress, we suspect Chloe is just getting started, and see great things in the future of miss Bennet.    

Power Moves: The Clothes & Skills That Inspire Successful Mindsets

What does the ideal entrepreneur look like? Don’t be fooled by those novelty “success” Instagram accounts that show off gold watches, Ferrari sports cars and three-piece suits worth thousands of dollars. When was the last time you met a real hustler who has any of that? Social media guru Gary Vaynerchuk can be seen in […]

3 Things Every Guy Should Know About Nikki Leigh

The best part about the last two Januarys – is we’ve spent them with one of the most lovely, fun, and talented ladies we know… Miss Nikki Leigh. And this is a big deal considering that she has a very big year coming up. Her year kicked off last Saturday on Lifetime, with her new movie, […]

Women We Love – Dare to Bare – Underboob Edition

It’s obvious that men are fans of the underboob, and why not. It’s like another version of cleavage, and it’s amazing. In our opinion, there isn’t enough underboob to be found. Men sure have lots to be thankful for, and the underboob ranks right near the top of the list. We believe the underboob is underappreciated, and in a […]

Essential Winter Gear – Cable Knit Fisherman’s Sweater

The other day as I was wandering through the doldrums of a post-holiday urban city landscape, I was reminded of one savior during this slow time of the year – the fisherman’s sweater. The classic, rugged, and practical look of a fisherman’s sweater is essential to man’s winter gear for many reasons. It is breathable enough […]