Health Coach Allison Hagendorf on Men’s Health, Fitness, and the Shortest Route to Getting it




She’s been a music writer for Maxim Magazine, host of the Times Square New Year’s Eve, curates Spotify’s Rock/Alternative playlists, and has a brand new fitness app called Time To Tone. And by saying this, we can probably conclude that you already know Allison Hagendorf, even though you’ve never been officially introduced.

But that’s a real shame not to know her better – so we’d like to rectify that by introducing you properly: Men, this is Allison Hagendorf – and Allison, these are the men.


Urbasm: Hi Allison, what do you have going on this year?

Allison Hagendorf: I have a lot going on this year. I program most of the rock playlists for Spotify, so I am very emerged into the music space. I am really excited to launch my new app, Ab Cuts Time to Tone. It speaks to everyone at all levels. That is what I have going on most recently. We just launched this week.

Urbasm: What Fall fitness trends are worth a guy’s effort this year and what should we pass on?

Allison Hagendorf: I actually try to stay clear of trends. It is not really my thing.

Urbasm: Then allow us to rephrase that. What is something that men should be doing during this pre-holiday time of year to stay on track with our health goals?

Allison Hagendorf: The way I keep sane during the crazy holiday time is to really be mindful. That is why I created this app because I feel it is a really great jump start into a mental and physical reset. Thanksgiving is in three weeks and I think it is the perfect time to switch gears in your head and say, “You know what, I am going to start a workout regimen, eat cleaner, make smarter choices, so I am feeling more empowered and in control.”


Urbasm: And most of the workouts on your app are only 20-minutes?

Allison Hagendorf: Yes, that is my whole thing. It is the entire purpose of the app. I feel like because a lot of people have an all-or-nothing mindset, they either think they need to do an hour-long class or they just do nothing, right?

Urbasm: Sounds familiar.

Allison Hagendorf: So, for me and my crazy schedule – I am traveling all the time; I do not have a consistent routine. If I can just get something in where I’m moving and doing functional movements, I am better off for it. You start the day with accomplishment, and once you have that feeling of endorphins and motivation, you are going to make better choices for the rest of the day. Some of these workouts are literally 10-minutes long.

Urbasm: That’s quick.

Allison Hagendorf: And you can make them as challenging or as simplified as you need. Just give it your all for the 10 to 20-minutes.

Urbasm: What can a guy expect from just 20-minutes a day?

Allison Hagendorf: If you can actually make time and wrap your head around 20-minutes a day, I would rather you do that than get to the gym for one hour once a week. It is introducing something that is sustainable, manageable, and something that you can do often. The way that the workouts are designed is to be non-stop, and they are all full body workouts. It is functional training. You’re going to be doing functional moves, like pushups and lunges. These are all very basic, functional, foundational movements that every man should strive to do with great form.

Urbasm: What’s the key to getting a great workout when limited on time?

Allison Hagendorf: You want intensity and you want efficiency. You want to be pushing yourself to your limit for those 10 minutes. You want to be working optimally. Not taking breaks or checking your Instagram. You are in the zone and completing the movements as safely and quickly as possible.

Urbasm: But – can a guy really build quality muscle in that short of time?



We have been taught our whole lives that fat is bad. Fat doesn’t make you fat, it is sugar that makes you fat.”

Allison Hagendorf: One, it depends on the person. Two, abs are made in the kitchen. You can’t just do a workout and go eat Cheetos. It is part of a 360-degree approach to wellness. Mindset comes into play – and gratitude, and eating clean. But it is one part of it for sure.

Urbasm: Speaking of Cheetos, what are a few of the main food groups that the average guy should focus on in order to achieve optimal energy during a workout?

Allison Hagendorf: Everyone should strive to eat nutrient-dense whole foods, and that includes all three macronutrients. That means eating protein, carbohydrates, and fat. Neither one of those three should ever be demonized. All three are essential to our bodies. But there is a spectrum. There are better carb options than others – there are better fat options than others. Getting a balanced diet with as much nutrients as possible to fuel your body will maximize your performance.

Urbasm: What do you think about the trend to eat more protein and fat but minimize the carbohydrates?

Allison Hagendorf: I think it depends on the individual. I have found, personally, that works for me. We have been taught our whole lives that fat is bad. Fat doesn’t make you fat, it is sugar that makes you fat. I think people have been terrified to eat egg yolks or fatty meat, but that is definitely not the issue. I eat a lot of fat. I eat tons of avocado and eggs, coconut, and raw nuts – these are all fantastic fats. I think that we should rethink what we’ve been taught and implement healthy fat into our diet.

Urbasm: True.

Allison Hagendorf: And I think that as for carbs, you just want to make sure that you are eating a high-quality carbohydrate and timing it around your workouts. We need a little more understanding of what that means. A great carbohydrate is sweet potatoes, not a chocolate bar.

Urbasm: What about the idea of using gluten free foods to reduce carbohydrate intake?

Allison Hagendorf: I think the whole gluten-free situation has gotten a little out of hand from a marketing perspective. I feel like it has become the new fat-free. But with people with celiac’s disease, it is very serious. But you can eat naturally – gluten-free. Gluten is usually associated with processed food products. If you eat natural plants and animals, you are pretty much eating a gluten-free diet anyway.

Urbasm: What about gluten-free cookies?

Allison Hagendorf: Gluten-free cookies are still cookies, you know (laughs).

Urbasm: Awe (laughs). Do you think that the current “de-tox” trend can be useful around the holiday season to keep clean while we’re eating bad?

Allison Hagendorf: I really think the best way to detox is to just limit your intake to natural whole foods. Let food be thy medicine. Real food!

Urbasm: Are there any so-called “naughty holiday treats” that are actually not all that bad for us?

Allison Hagendorf: I have a firm sort of policy regarding treats. I say, treat a treat like a treat.

Urbasm: Say that fast, five times.


Instagram: @Allihagendorf

We give food so much power over ourselves. Don’t make it a thing.”

Allison Hagendorf: Meaning, when you want a treat – have exactly what you want. I don’t believe in modifying treats because I feel that they are not satisfying. It is not really what you wanted, and you are going to end up getting that original treat anyway. It can lead to binging. I just think if you want to have a treat – put it on your plate, sit down, enjoy it mindfully with awesome company. You ate it, it was great, and there should be no guilt associated with it. It is good.

Urbasm: We could get aboard that philosophy.

Allison Hagendorf: You know what it is? We give food so much power over ourselves. Don’t make it a thing. Have the cookie. Have the exact cookie you want, be psyched about it, take a picture of it (laughs). When you allow yourself to have what you want in a respectful fashion, you don’t want to binge. You actually respect it as a treat and you look forward to it. I think that is the best way to…

Urbasm: Have your cake and eat it too. Sorry, I couldn’t resist. But we totally agree with you.

Allison Hagendorf: Thank you. I actually just made a whole batch of Halloween fudge, which is completely self-indulgent. It has Reese’s pieces and Oreos – and I will take a large piece and tomorrow is November 1st and I am not going to have another one. I also don’t believe in taking a tiny tiny piece, and then going back for a second tiny tiny piece and then a third. Just take one piece of the pie, and put it on your plate and enjoy it.

Urbasm: Yup!

Allison Hagendorf: It is not that complicated. Don’t make it a thing!

Urbasm: We won’t! What are the three most important things that every man needs to understand in order to maintain his health and fitness over the holiday?

Allison Hagendorf: I think first and foremost is to find gratitude. Be grateful for where you are right now, and be pumped to achieve more. Secondly, it is realizing that health and fitness is a journey and not a destination. It is a mindset and a way of life. It is an adventure. There is going to be a learning process and that is what is fun about it. Thirdly, consistency is everything. To see results you must be able to see past this moment and keep your eye on the prize. To see the big picture. What do you really want? Visualize how you want to be tomorrow, next week, next year. It is all about staying consistent. And that is why I created the app because I think it is a great three-week jumpstart to get people on that consistent mindset. The workouts are doable and manageable, and you will always have them in your back pocket – if you are on the road or work from home. Everyone has time for a ten-minute workout, and I think that when you start your day with gratitude, mindfulness, and keep your body moving, that is when you empower yourself to make better choices throughout the day.

Urbasm: We’re believers, Allison. Thank you, this has been fun.

Allison Hagendorf: Thank you, it was a pleasure.


And be sure to keep in touch with Allison on Instagram and her own website.


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About Dr. Eric J. Leech

Eric has written for over a decade. Then one day he created, a site for every guy.

About Dr. Eric J. Leech

Eric has written for over a decade. Then one day he created, a site for every guy.