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When Wine and Technology Meet – Kuvée

What if you could enjoy a single glass of wine by pulling the liquid through the glass bottle and not even disturbing the cork? That would be like opening a fresh bottle of wine for every glass – at least for as long as the bottle lasted. Well, this is similar to the promise that […]

A Look At More Books Men Should Probably Read

Every man needs time to himself, and sitting down with a good book is one way to improve your outlook or escape from just about anything, for a while. While we often like to recommend good reads here at Urbasm, today we have a more diverse list of suggestions. Some for yourself, and some might make […]

How to Design a Tech-Inspired Bachelor Pad

Tech has officially taken over. It’s everywhere. It’s integrated into your car and it’s accessible from the palm of your hands. So why should your home or apartment be any different? If you’re thinking about updating your pad with the latest and greatest from the tech world, here are a few solid tips to help […]

The Evolution of Batman

For a man beyond his 75th birthday, Batman doesn’t appear to have aged one bit. But from the standpoint of his character, suit, vehicles and gadgets… he has come a very long way from the comic book caped-crusader that Bob Kane and Bill Finger introduced to the world back in 1939. The film Batman v Superman: […]

Women We Love – Jean Genies and Denim Divas

A few months ago within the pages of some business journal, we were quoted as saying: “It is not the end to every journey that is the most memorable, but rather the anticipation and work in getting there.” But they got us all wrong. We were not promoting the art of investing your money appropriately or how […]

The Dirty Mind of a Gentleman

  We all have our vices, both man and beast… So let it not be said that a gentleman can’t have a dirty mind. The difference is that when a gentleman allows his mind to wander just a bit too far into the gutter – his perception immediately cleanses those thoughts with a touch of […]

Actress Trisha LaFache on Dating, Picking Up Women and Her New Film, God’s Not Dead 2

She may be sweet and innocent, but we can promise you, gentlemen, that actress Trisha LaFache knows exactly what she wants. What’s that, you ask? Well, that’s a pretty good question, so we decided to find out: Urbasm: Hi Trisha, what’s going on with you this year? Trisha LaFache: I have a new movie coming […]

Women We Love – Arianny Celeste

There’s something special about Arianny Celeste, and it’s fairly obvious. Before being recognized as a model, she was known as a ring girl for UFC. She’s modeled for Maxim, Sports Illustrated and many others. Some say that Arianny Celeste might be the queen of Instagram, and who are we to differ. She definitely has what it takes to […]

Best Watches Under $200

There are a lot of small details that go into the accelerated price of a world class watch. But do you really need to spend $5,000, $500 or even $400 to own a watch with class and heritage? Well, heritage may be one thing – but if you’re willing to give up a few details and […]

Why You Should Care About the 2017 Acura NSX

Jay Leno hops in the twin-turbocharged, 9-speed 2017 Acura NSX and says: That’s really good… really quite good!” And that is high praise coming from a man who owns one of the most vast collections of the world’s most amazing rides. But before he hits the tarmac, Leno has a nice chat with the lead designer […]