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A Man’s Home Tells His Story – What’s Yours?

They say a man’s home is his castle; a refuge of sorts. However, what we like to believe – is that a man’s home tells a story. It is a glimpse of his personality, by style and design. From industrial to wood, minimalism to modern – A man’s home should be an extension of himself. A place […]

How to ‘Grill’ Cheese Like a Man

There are few things as manly, simple and delicious as a grilled cheese sandwich. But as good as a slice of cheese grilled between two buttery slices of bread is… we think we can top that. In fact, with the help of our friends at Emmi – we know we can. You know the easiest […]

HeadShade SPF and HeadWipes – The Ultimate Maintenance Kit for a Shaved Head

You often hear comments from men about how much easier it is to care for themselves now that they have freed themselves from the hair on their head. And while I’d agree that it may simplify a few steps in the morning, it by no means releases us from the ritual and maintenance of the […]

Why You Need More Live Entertainment

The average American spends more than 11 hours each day on electronic media, according to Nielsen. This includes time watching live TV, listening to the radio, using smartphones and surfing the Internet. Get away from your usual settings and your electronics, and go to a play, concert, movie or sporting event. Live entertainment often delivers […]

The Round Up – Things Every Man Should See/Know

A man thrives on learning new things, so we’ve hand-picked the best articles from the week from a few of our favorite websites/authors. So prepare to be surprised, amazed, flabbergasted… and walk away knowing a good bit more than when you got here. You’re welcome. 9 Things Everyone Should Bring On A Plane 8 Watch […]

Women We Love – Denim Shorts

What is something that denim blue jeans, shorts, heat, cold water, goosebumps and women all have in common? Summertime. And before these six fundamentals become a distant memory… allow us to remind you of why you’re going to miss them so much.

This Vintage Razor Allows You To Customize Your Shave

We are a straight edge razor kind of gentlemen. A vintage razor shaves closer, better and just leaves a man with an overall boost of testosterone. But what about style? The traditional single/double razor has been around for a lot of decades, and one Kickstarter project says they have made several improvements over that old […]

S550i Aluminum Earbuds by RHA

The designers of the flagship T20 in-ear headphone, RHA, have been hard at work designing a solution for music lovers who like big sound without the big price. It is called the S550i and we’re hoping its sound delivery is every bit as impressive as its model name. What we know so far is that […]

Modern Day Bachelor Pads

It is a good thing to uphold the classic beliefs, traits and values of your forefathers. After all, they were the ones who made all the initial mistakes so that you would not need to ever make them again. But just because you believe in following the code of conduct from the gentlemen of yesteryear, doesn’t […]

Tactical Beverage Defender

The need to worry about losing your beverage to a “friend” that claims they didn’t realize it’s yours is a thing of the past. With the Nite Ops Can Cooler with LED Light, you can protect your beverage from such threats, along with others like rogue condensation and being knocked over in a dark campsite or similar […]