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4 Sneakers To Help You Stand Out This Spring

Our fashion belief is not to stand out like a tattoo on your nose, or blend in too much like a blue polo shirt on a golf course. But you know something? That is one of the great things about a pair of sneakers. They can come with a statement as bold as you dare […]

Women We Love – Assets and Curves

We here at Urbasm believe that everyday should be as fun as hump day. And to prove our point, we’re celebrating with a couple of our favorite humps… and it’s only a Tuesday.  

Turn Urban Noise Pollution into Sound Sleep with the Cloud Light

Having a little rain cloud in your life seems so much better when you’re in full control of it. Introducing the interactive cloud by the Richard Clarkson Art & Design Laboratory. It includes a realistic thunder light show and speaker system to mimic the sight and sounds of a passing thunderstorm. The cloud light can […]

First Trailer of 007 Spectre Bond Film Looks Good

There has been talk that Daniel Craig could be the 007 film producer’s first choice for the next 10 years, according to rumors. Love him or hate him, this puts a lot of strain on Craig’s ability to draw the crowds in his latest Bond film, Spectre. However, we expect he will get by ‘with […]

Women We Love – Chrissy Teigen

She’s graced many covers, and miss Chrissy Teigen isn’t easily forgotten. Discovered while working in a surf shop in California as a teenager, when she’s not modelling she likes to combine her passion of cooking and writing at her blog which provides a glimpse of her wit and fun loving side.

Men- The Story of How Stress Affects Your Sex, And What You Can Do About it

A man likes to be the best man at a party, in bed, in the office and out on the field. He strives to do everything in his power to be the best he can be—and what does he get for it? Bad sex. This is the true story of how your stress is likely […]

Women We Love – La Femme Fatale

Confucius say, ‘The women in a man’s life may one day be the death of him.’ However, if he chooses wisely… that finale will end with a big smile on his face. These are a few of the beautiful women we deem worthy of putting our lives on the line for.

This is What a Gentleman’s Kitchen Should Look Like

A gentleman enjoys a good meal as much as any man. The biggest difference between a man and a gentleman in the kitchen, is that a gentleman can be an expert chef when inspired to be so. And there is nothing more inspirational than owning the proper atmosphere and tools. For example: And a gentleman […]

5 Luxury Watches Under $500

The words ‘luxury’ and ‘under $500’ may not always seem possible. But you have to consider that the basis of most luxury is designing a true masterpiece that can fill most all of your dreams. The reality is that not every man has the same dream, so what tends to happen is a lot of […]

The Boys Are Back – Entourage

They’re baaack, with an all star cast that includes Liam Neeson, Tom Brady, Emily Ratajkowski, Ronda Rousey and of course, Mark Wahlberg. Here’s a sample of what they’ve been cooking up while on hiatus. Yeah, this could get ugly… You’ll come back stronger than ever. Like Lance Armstrong, but with two balls.” – Ari Gold