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Biotherm Homme Aquafitness

For those occasions when you want to smell like a man, yet avoid the reek of old or spicy, Biotherm Homme Aquafitness has the female approved scent of mint, lemon, and mandarin. These scents are followed by a hint of sweet honeysuckle and cedar, and finished off with the traditional amber musk and sandalwood. The […]

How to Be a Man – And Fix Your Lady a Drink

One of the pitfalls of being a man trying to impress a lady, is that she most likely assumes that you should already know everything she needs. This is part of the Prince Charming hex, which has been cast over every man’s head. The result is that we are expected to be charming, handsome, polite, […]

The Science of Seduction

What kind of techniques do you use on a first date? Do you think that girls fall for the overconfident bad boy? Do women fall for the proven tactics to get them to feel more comfortable with you, or is it better to just be yourself? Why not allow science make the mistakes before you […]

How To Kiss Her To Turn Her On

Locking lips for the first time can make or break what she thinks of you from then on. Even if a date is going well, if you don’t kiss her in a way that leaves her wanting more, she’ll flick you off to the Friend Zone faster than an umpire can say, “You’re out!” So, […]

The Ultimate Man’s Watch – The Graham Tourbillograph

If manliness were determined by the looks of ones watch, the Graham Tourbillograph 2TSAB.B02A would be your ticket to be ushered to the front of the line, just behind Chuck Norris and Steve McQueen. Each of these precision instruments have been designed and hand-crafted with such care, they even offset the blackened tourbillion cage to […]

Klhip High-Tech Nail Clippers

I bet you never expected a set of high tech nail clippers to show up within your lifetime? Klhip has actually gone to great lengths to make sure these clippers would go unchallenged for probably the next thousand years. We’re talking about surgical 440 stainless steel, a precise cut that would  embarrass  any Chinese nail salon, and an  ergonomic  body that […]

Victorinox Officers Chronograph Watch

The look of it’s understated elegance, the Victornox resembles a chronograph costing much more. With a stainless steel case and black leather strap, this is one chronograph worth a salute. Get it here.

Morning Link Dump

It has been said that the word, “chick,” is derogatory and disrespectful to all the young women it has been used to describe. The phrase goes back to at least the last century, where it was derived as slang for “bird,” meaning that a woman was something worthy to hunt. We think this is disgusting, […]

4 More Skeleton Watches for Every Occasion

If you’re looking for a unique or interesting watch where the internal works are visible; you’re looking for a skeleton watch. These reveal the moving parts and movements, making them perfect for collectors or fashion accessories. Here are four examples that you may be able to live without, but if you’ve got the money, why […]

Babe Tribute – AJ Alexander

AJ Alexander was featured in the Playboy Special Edition, “Hot Housewives.” If you like the photos below, make a note to yourself to check out her infamous photo shoot where she is pouring cold milk on herself. Yes, I did say cold.