Modern Classic Cars – Building Them Better Than They Used To

Most of us can appreciate the classic silhouette of an old car. We can admire its antiquated, yet functional instrument panel and gadgets. We can appreciate its accentuated curves, craftsman inspired interior accents and gleaming chrome highlights. And then there are those who prefer the laser straight panels and oversize rims of today’s modern automobile. […]

2016 Scion iM Review – We’d Buy One for $20,000

We had the opportunity to test drive the all new Scion iM and iA in Malibu last week (iA review coming soon). However, rather than make you sort through the details to get to the big picture, we thought we’d leave you with the short version right off the bat. Would we purchase a Scion […]

2016 Infiniti QX30 – When Execution Overcomes Brute Power

There are only a few worthy reasons to take a vehicle from concept form to production. In Infiniti’s case, it has “less to do with size or power, [and] more to do with distinctive design and outstanding execution.” And Infiniti has made a great point with that comment. The Q30 compact crossover understands today’s generation […]

Top 5 Best (Most Practical) Automobiles for 2015

Sometimes there can be quite a substantial difference between the vehicles you want, and the ones that are most ‘practical’ for you to buy. But every now and then an automobile is dished out that is little of everything. It is a work of art, a pinnacle of design, exhilarating to drive, functional in the modern […]

6 Automotive Innovations for the Future of Driving

We may not be flying around like the Jetsons, but that’s no reason to discount the dramatic technological advancements of the past 50 years. As technology continues to improve at an exponential rate, so do innovations in automobiles. From Google’s self-driving car to the Internet rumors of an Apple Car, where exactly is auto technology […]

Cadillac V-Series Vs. BMW Vs. Quattro Vs. AMG – The Battle Begins

What battle? Well, all you need to do is look at some of the evidence. President, Johan de Nysschen, plans on launching a minimum of eight new Cadillac V-Series models per decade, which rounds out to about one per year. The V-Series Cadillac will be dumping their large displacements in favor of technology. In other […]

4 Sexiest Vehicle Types Woman Want Men to Drive

The debate about which vehicles women find most attractive is finally over. According to a new online survey conducted by, an independent consumer insurance website, women say they are most attracted to men that drive pickup trucks. Ranking behind pickup trucks are sports cars, SUVs and Sedans. The vehicles that women in the survey […]

Revved Up For Bentley EXP10

Bentley exp 10

When we saw the Bentley EXP10 Speed 6 concept coupe, we had one thought. Make it happen. Hinted to be a performance hybrid, this luxury sports car should have a good chance of seeing production in the future.

Koenigsegg Regera Hybrid Megacar Likes Soft Music, Hates Losing Races

Christian von Koenigsegg is at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show this week showing off his brand new hypercar, the Regera. We’ve waited a long time for someone to come along and ‘one-up’ the hypercar, and it appears that Koenigsegg has done it. He prefers to call his Regera a “Megacar” because it is currently one […]

Dream Garages – Fit For a Supercar

There are three things that every man needs to know about garaging his supercar. One, it needs to have a top of the line climate control system to ensure that it is only under stress… when you want it to be. Two, you need to have a state of the art security system, as there […]